Monday, September 22, 2014

Summers Last Ride

Took Monday and Tuesday off this week for vacation. Planned a 3 day trip hitting the Catskills, Adirondacks and coming back thru. Vermont. After last weeks Ton Tour and rain on Sunday I figured I would shorten up the ride and chase Ira, VT for an Entering Ira sign for the Team Strange Anniversary Tour. That could be done in a day.

This is going to be much more relaxed and enjoy the roads and scenery ride. The ride last week was a bit grueling but got alot towns done. Gonna smell the roses, well at least pine trees. I let Mapsource pick the roads to my first stop, just reviewed to make sure not hitting any interstates for long stretches.

Left right right around 9am, letting the cool nights warm up abit. I am and was thankful I decided to wear my long First Gear tops and bottoms. At 70mph it is a bit chilly out. Around 11am or so I hit Chester VT and figured it was a good time to stop for something to eat and drink. I almost bought a mug, but after looking at it for a while realized I had one. I must have 50 Diner mugs in my collection, so I tend forget what I have.

I have eaten at the Country Girl Diner a couple of times, having one of the best reubens I have ever had. I remember the last time I was here there was a For Sale sign and it must have changed hands. No more reubens like they were. The Country Girl is a 1951 Silk City Diner.

DSC_2573_4_5Enhancer ES

DSC_2576_7_8Enhancer ES

DSC_2582_3_4Enhancer ES

Heading out of Chester into Chester Depot this intersection just grabbed me. It reeks of history and had to pull on the camera. Chesters roots date back to the 1750's.

DSC_2588_89_90Enhancer ES

DSC_2591_2_3Enhancer ES

DSC_2597_8_9Enhancer ES

DSC_2603_4_5Enhancer ES

Heading up RT 103 I knew about Cuttingsville VT, however when planning the trip I could not find any signs for the town so it was not a target. Caught this out of the corner of my eye and turned around to go back for it. There was a older gentlemen (notice I didn't say old, it is a kettle pot thing)on a tractor that dismounted and came over to see what I was doing. Gave him a brief explanation and he begins rattling off Double Down towns. We spoke for a good 15 minutes.

DSC_2609_10_11Enhancer es

Chittenden wasn't too far away. The Eddy Brothers, traveling sideshow psychic twins, grew up in Chittenden. I think they knew I was coming.

DSC_2615_6_7Enhancer ES

Heading for Pittsford, North Chittenden Weslyan Church crossed my path. This church was built in 1831 and was bought for 125 by the current congregation. They have moved into a new building in Pittsford, however do hold services here from time to time.

DSC_2624_5_6Enhancer ES

Pittsford was named for William Pitt, first settled as a frontier town in 1769, about 60 miles north of Bennington. It is the location of two historical picket forts used by the militia during the American Revolutionary War: Fort Mott (built in 1777), and Fort Vengeance (built from 1780 to 1781).

DSC_2627_8_9Enhancer ES

Found my way into Proctor VT. This bridge was so stunning that I had to stop for a picture. In 2004 the Proctor Marble Arch Bridge restoration project was the recipient of the Marble Institute Award of Merit for "commitment to preservation of the original stonework. When the marble quarries in Italy became unserviceable Proctor became the leading source of fine marble to much of the world. The marble quarries were shut down in the 1980's

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DSC_2633_4_5Enhancer ES

DSC_2639_40_41Enhancer ES

Finally hit the main destination of the day, the Entering Ira sign on the west bound side of RT 4. Spelling Team Strange AIRheads 30 efficiently covers the IR in Air. Choices for this tour is a Post Office or Town Limit or Entering sign.

DSC_2663_4_5Enhancer ES

A delightful ride down RT 133 into Middletown Springs brings me to my next destination. Population right around 750 was established in 1784 due to the difficulty getting to other towns for meetings and worship due to the mountains.

DSC_2671_2_3Enhancer ES

DSC_2677_8_9Enhancer ES

Hit North Bennington right around 4pm. The ride down RT 7 was nice and fast.

DSC_2698_699_700Enhancer ES

Knocked off the Hoosics (North Hoosick, Hoosick and Hoosick Falls) 1-2-3. Real interesting places eh.

DSC_2710_1_2Enhancer ES

DSC_2719_20_21Enhancer ES

DSC_2722_3_4Enhancer ES

Also grabbed this post office in North Hoosick. I thought I had seen the smallest post office in Henderson Harbor, NY but this one is smaller

DSC_2716_7_8Enhancer ES

Heading into Bennington VT stopped for the scenic shot. Taken along NY 102.

DSC_2731_2_3Enhancer FES

Last stop of the day was at the Bennington Museum. I pulled up, positioned the bike and dropped the kickstand, leaning and then leaning so more and then even further until the bike was properly set. Dismounted took a couple of shots. Mounted and tried to upright the bike. A big pull didn't budge a bit. Again, nothing. There is no way I am going to get this bike up. Start looking around the parking lot for help, it's pretty empty and no one is outside. Get off and was actually able to push the FJR uphill a bit to a spot with decreased the lean angle on the kickstand. Abit of a struggle but it worked. Maybe my age and the weight is catching up with me.

DSC_2740_1_2Enhancer ES

DSC_2746_7_8Enhancer ES

From here the route was to home. I am 150 miles out and 3 hours of travel. Will hit home in the dark. As the sun disappeared the temps dropped, DAH. They got into the high 40's for a bit, while the Frogg Togg over the mesh suit worked, my finger tips were getting real cold. If they are cold, seems like the rest of you is chilled. Glad I had a set of winter gloves in the GIVI. Rode down RT 7 thru Pittsfield, Lenox, and Lee picking up the Mass Pike. Right around Charlton MA about 25 miles from home, my hands started to cramp up, the thumb joint on the right and the index finger was getting so I could not bend it. Stopped at the service area for some water and french fries. It is amazing a simple 10 / 15 minute stop, how refreshed you feel getting back on the bike.

All told some 410 miles for the day and the last ride of summer completed. Tomorrow is the first day of fall.

T 2014 09 22

Having completed the Efficiency Mode of the Team Strange Anniversary 30 Tour, I reread the rules. The objective was to spell those words out with the least amount of towns, hence the ride to Ira, a lot closer than Irasburg. Well it seems there is s only 1 person that will qualify for points in the Efficiency mode. All others who submit this way get nada, zilch, duck egg, nix, a big fat zero. I just know someone will find a town called Team and Strange. Thank goodness this one ends October 31, I still have time to pick up a few more towns.


Anonymous said...

Always a pleasure to read great pics too. Great color and contrast!


DS Farrell said...

Great shots. I love fall in New England!