Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One Week

the movie. This is about a guy that is diagnosed with cancer which must be treated immediately. One his way home from the Docs, he meets up with a guy that has a Norton Commando for sale, Ben (the guy) tests rides it against his wishes and ends up buying the Norton.

From here Ben starts out on a trip across Canada to figure out his life, his impending wedding day and things in general for 2 days. Well 2 days turns into more than 2 days.

MeAsWe watched this movie the other night and I completely enjoyed the travels. I was more into him stopping for pictures of ginormous paper clips and other odd objects than wondering if he was going to find the answers he was seeking.

When we are chasing stuff, whether it be a post office in western PA, a national historic place, BBQ restaurant or what ever the next little destination is, it is not really about that particular destination, it represents a stopping point to think about what we have just seen, experienced, people to talk to, people to watch and to forget about day to day life and just enjoy the moment.

Each time Ben came thru a tunnel, saw the glaciers at Banff National Park, talked with a person, I reflected back on our moments and made parallel to his moments with ours. Each one makes me smile.

At each of his stops, he takes a picture of either himself, or the place with his bike in it. Each picture became a lifetime for Ben. We have lived 10,000 lives, all of them memorable and plan on another 10,000 lives.

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