Sunday, May 29, 2011

KC Rib Shack Bar-B-Cue Manchester NH

We ran NH for water towns and barbecue places today. To offset our absolutely awful experience in New York, we stopped at KC Rib Shack and Bar-B-Cue for lunch in Manchester NH. What a great experience !!

Now I do not profess to be a BBQ expert by any means, but I do know when something tastes good. I had their Cubano Sandwich, which is smoked ham, roast pork with pickles and mustard, hot pressed panini type bread. MeAsWe had their Pulled Pork Sammie and put some great apple bbq sauce. Both sandwiches were outstanding.

But food is only part of the dining experience. Our waitress, Courtney was great, as well. She is originally from Canada, moved to Ohio, and then ended up here. I asked if she missed Ohio and surprisingly the answer was yes. I lived in Ohio for about 10 years and I never missed leaving the state. Hot, humid and no air in the summer, cold, frigid and windy in the winter.

So we have good food, great waitress. Atmosphere is next and KC has atmosphere. The joint is decorated with license plates from all over the place. These we vanity type plates where the previous owners had something special placed on the plates. Other decorations were the signed guitars and music paraphernalia. I asked Courtney if the owner was a picker and he is. The place at one time had live music, but it attracted a particular type of biker, which became to much of a problem so the owner cut out the music.

One of my favorites was the WEDEAD plate.

After we finished our meal, Courtney showed us upstairs where they are expanding the restaurant. This will probably double the amount of seating.

All in all our experience was simply perfect. Hopefully we will make it back one day. KC's more than made up for the lousy BBQ joint we visited in New York.

They are located at N42 58.192 W71 28.779 or 837 Second Street, Manchester, NH. They are set off the street but their sign is right on the main drag. Look em up HERE

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