Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sippin Water in Western CT and NY

30% chance of rain today, 60% chance tomorrow, better head out today. First option was a trip to the Winnipesaukee Lake area, however we were just in NH last week. Need to grab some water for GLMC and maybe some BBQ places for Smoke Chasing 2011. MeAsWe is still sleeping so I bring up MapSource and begin plotting a course out thru western Connecticut. Get out as far as Falls Village and I see Millbrook NY is not that much further. There is 2 BBQ places we can pick up. THATS THE PLAN.

First stops were in Brooklyn CT. For Brooklyn we stopped at the Farm and Pet store. At this place they advertise having healthy foods for your pet and poison for those unwanted rodents and other animal pests. Guess it would be easy to mess things up back home.

Grabbed this over sized Swan for a potential tag in the future

Broad Brook Post Office was on the agenda next

While none of this seems exciting, it is an ends to a mean and the roads to get to these places would not be traveled if not for these places

Stopped in Windsor CT for Nat's place. Was too early to eat thou.

Hit Riverton CT. This is a really picturesque place and is part on New Marlborough CT. I believe this is a National Historic District on the register. I will have to check that out.

Went right past Lime Rock Park. Lime Rock is natural terrain race track owned by Skip Barber. I have been here before, so we did go in.

Cozy Corner Lunch has seen better days

Grabbed the Millbrook NY Post Office for the Water Affair and was heading out of town and just had to stop for a picture of the Millbrook Diner to add to my collection

Next stop was the Fireside BBQ and Grill and I wish we just did a photo and scooted off. In keeping with the Smoke Chasing 2001 treasure hunt, we should eat at some of these BBQ places. This one I can say just keep going. I ordered some kind of sandwich with cheese and mac. Supposedly the meat has been cooking since last night, maybe they forgot to turn the oven on. The chef should check out Kraft's Cheese and Mac for lessons, because theirs was garbage and cold to boot. The only outstanding thing about this place was the price of this crap. Oh that's outrageous, not outstanding. I did take pictures of the food, but I am not going to post them, cause looks can be deceiving.

All day we have been skirting the rain. We arrive someplace and there are puddles around and the road is wet, but no rain on us, but skies were cloudy all day. This is just outside Copake NY and we are heading east for home.

At around 7pm we roll into Mill River, MA. This was a chancy spot to stop at for the Affair with Water treasure hunt. The name of the conforming town must appear on the building and there was suppose to be a general store and a post office someplace. Low and behold they were in the same location. The woman who was working this evening has worked here for 17 years. On the porch there were chairs, with ash trays, so you just knew people would come down here for coffee, read the paper and just spend a time catching up with neighbors. The women said she was anxious to close, since she had already been here 13 hours today. Just around 5 minutes to 7, the cars came pouring in to get something at the last moment. She would stand outside yelling at the customers by name to get their ass in gear and get what they wanted, she wanted to go home, all in a very friendly manner.

MeAsWe asked me how far to get home. I said I would check the GPS. Getting late and most of these back country roads we had been riding thru was prime deer county. Not wanting to ride these roads in the dark, I decided to skip Bash Bish Falls State Park and head for Three Rivers, MA. 71 miles to Three Rivers and not sure how far home. My guess it was 50 miles, but did not want upset MeAsWe.

We passed thru Lee, MA and hit the Pike and headed east. Somewhere along here we ran into this guy who ran out of gas. When I first pulled up I thought I just ran into a classic Honda 750 four, what is considered the first super bike by some. What I first saw was those distinctive stacked tail pipes. Poor guy had run out of gas and was pushing the bike along the break down lane. I lent him my phone to make some calls and we were on our way. He had made contact with his father, but it was going to be a while. I suggested he call the state police, but he said he had registration problems with the bike. I looked over and he had a 2010 stick on it. As we left, the guy started pushing the bike again. Glad he was young.

The last stop was Three Rivers, MA. As I pressed the button on the camera, I got Full Memory Card warning. Good thing.

Pulled in to home right around 9:45PM, some 375 miles for the day. Good training for the up and coming trip to NY for the gallons and gallons of water.


Anonymous said...

Nice Willie. I always enjoy reading about your adventures. SOunds like a great day of riding!


smack said...

Nice report!

Anonymous said...

Very Nice report.
Nat's is always good BBQ.