Thursday, May 12, 2011

Drinking the Water in Upper New York

Last night I got the itch for a long run and the best way for me to accomplish this is planning An Affair with Water Grand Tour Trip. Last year we never made it to the north part of New York thru the Adirondacks and looking at the overall places we could go, this seemed like the perfect place to head. Ya gotta go somewhere.

Day 1 will be right around 420 miles with the first 140 or so simply getting to the treasures. We should capture around 23 water towns and at least 3 BBQ’s places for Smoke Chasin 2011 Grand Tour. The stop point is Lake Placid.

Day 2 we depart from Lake Placid heading south thru the Adirondacks and then west to end up the night in Watertown NY. An easy 223 miles for the day with the grabbing of 17 water towns.

Day 3 is the turning around point and head for Syracuse NY area and zip zag taggin I-90 but never get on it for the most part. This is the longest in miles, 450, but the least amount of towns at 17. I have us landing home around 10PM on Sunday.

This is the preliminary plan and some adjustment may come with riding longer on Day 2 to shorten up Day 3, but the overall scheme is in place. I do not expect to hit any interstates during this 1100 mile trip, but flexibility is the key. All total we should come home with 55 photo ops to add to our collection. Last year we put in 263 towns, of which 261 qualified and we started a month later in the year. This should be a good run. It will be a good test of the knees and legs for the both of us.

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