Monday, June 27, 2011

Velvety Vermont - Deer Deer Deer - A Frame of Mind

NOT!! Vermont has always been known for their smooth, sweeping roads. Yesterday I think I found all of the hidden CRAP. While the ride wasn't all bad, it became tiresome. I found at least 5 unpaved roads that forced me to turn the bike around and head back for pavement. You know that road that goes up the mountain, not in terrible shape, but not the greatest and you wonder what it is going to be like coming down the other side. One road lead me to a mud pit, another unpaved looked like they carpet bombed it, holes the size of my bike (yes that is an exaggeration). I found myself not at the top of my game, but not at the bottom either. One road that said "Not for Thru Traffic", which I ignored and was penalized for my ignorance. (i wonder if ignor and ignorance are derivatives of one another) I also found all of the roads that have not recovered from the frost heaves yet. Roads with those cracks in it, wide enough to grab your front tire, acting like you are a slot car racer now, and they all seem to head for the side of the road.

Every time I encounter these end game roads, I mean to take a picture. Today was not different. I get consumed trying to turn a 800# bike (that includes me) around on these narrow things, I forget to take the picture. Same story each time, you need to remember to take a picture.

After getting off one of these hidden gems, I was turning onto another road to find the next water town. The car in front of me pulled over to the side to let me pass. Not sure if it was courtesy or something else. Of course it was a no passing zone, but I still accelerated to get around him, and I have to say reluctantly, I was content to follow for a while. Just as I pass, there it was a, FREAKIN DEER darting across the street. Brakes, squeeze, squeeze, squ, squ, slight nose dive, more brakes. My speed wasn't so fast to cause the ABS to become part of the show, but fast enough to require more than normal braking. I have seen those yellow diamond warning signs, which work on me like those deer whistles are suppose to work on the deer. This was my first close encounter since Montana. This too works for slowing the pace for a while.

While my heart rate initially went up, it soon returned back to normal. I keep remembering that I have become one of those other people that you read/hear about and not convinced that lighting strikes only once. It remained as a constant thought for the next 5 or so minutes, but then there was the next POS road to ride.

After hitting Saxtons River (which had the sign to the post office covered up by a tree), it was a pleasure to hit one of those velvet roads, I91 to get to my next stop, Lake Pleasure. For some reason that name sounds like a place for a horror movie.

While the day was a good day for capturing water, historic places and BBQ and uneventful from a disaster standpoint, it is my frame of mind I am writing about. As riders we all have those days and yesterday was mine.

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