Wednesday, July 14, 2010


You might have heard those stories of motorcycle riders chasin down people trying to get away. Well it happened again today. At the Wrentham Outlet mall, it seems this Kawasaki Concours turned into the pedestrian alley and chased down its first victim, a mother with a carriage and her son. The young boy had the look of terror as he looked over his shoulder and was tuggin his mothers hand, but then he knew he was going to be safe. Who was that unmasked man. The rider suddenly stopped, dismounted, thru his trusty orange cape over the tank, leaped off, flinging open one of the retail location doors and stepped back. He fired, one shot, then another and another. An on-looker with his family gives him the thumbs up. He grabs the cape, jumps back on his iron horse and heads off in the sunset. Well not really, it was morning and he had to turn around. He was gone as fast as he came, with the Outlet citizens wondering where was Tonto and did Dale and Roy really have happy endings or was that trails.

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