Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 1 - Blitzin Burgs and Tromping Tons

across Pennsylvania, a weekend of 1310 miles and 3 days of running. Objective was to capture as many of the BT’s (burgs and tons) as we could. Result: we grabbed 75 more towns to the Titanic Tour list. But our journey isn’t just about the contest, we use the contest to facilitate visits to great little towns, ride some fantastic roads that would not be found and see never seen before scenery. One can click any photo to see it bigger btw.

Friday started off with a pistachio muffin and Sunday ended with a fresser pastrami on seeded rye. MeAsWe opted for the mac and cheese at this place. Our first town to kick the party off was Millerton, NY, which also adorned us with some rain. Not the pouring kind, but enough to keep the speeds down. While I have ridden thru Duchess County before, there was something special about the roads this time. A definite place to come back and explore.

Being on an agenda, isn’t conducive to stopping for every photo-opp, I couldn’t resist this place. I love these outdoor sculpture places.

When planning these excursions in MapSource, I don’t always understand where we are going and what direction we are heading. I just see little boxes that I connect with the yellow line to create a route. Out on the road we find ourselves heading down RT 97 in New York to Narrowsburg. It all of sudden dawned on me that there is a National Park VC there and this is the road that leads to Hawks Nest. MeAsWe and I took our first long trip 2 years ago to this exact area, some 40,000+ miles ago. Dang the roads fly by. We grabbed a pic of the post office, Hotel Arlington (NRHS) and got some INK. This is a great area to visit.

Ultimate destination for the day was Hazleton, PA just outside of Scranton. As we were headed for West Scranton PO to our right was Steamtown National Park, another great place to visit and get INK. I let this one go, and besides it was too late and they were closed.

Another irresistible phstop

Lunch at the Rainbow Diner. Check out the guy checkin out the waitress. Must of been a really nice shot.

Having to gas up in Pittston I made some calls to places to stay and firmed up there were available rooms at the Comfort Inn. We pulled in to CI and there was actually daylight left in the day, very unusual for me, and something that MeAsWe so graciously puts up with. We were gonna head out and grab a bite to eat, but that first beer at the motel bar tasted so good, we shrugged our shoulders and said heck we might as well just stay here. Dinner was a blackened steak for me and a BLT sandwich for MeAsWe.

So our take today was Millerton NY, Clinton Corners NY, Staatsburg NY, Bloomington NY, Rifton NY, Fallsburg NY, South Fallsburg NY, Forestburgh NY, Lake Huntington NY, Cocheton NY, Narrowsburg NY, Prompton PA, Scranton PA (4 different sections), Pittston PA, West Pittston PA, Hazleton PA.


Runner said...

Great write-up and good start to the contest...I thought about doing this one, as well, but decided I don't live in the right part of the country to do it as a weekend pasttime.

Richard said...

Nice write up. I check your blog every day and it's been a while. I was just getting ready to send you a message to get it in gear but you beat me to the punch. Keep it coming.
Rich (PuckerNoMore)