Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 2 - Burg and Ton to Go Please

Bright and early came on Saturday, with the alarm set for 5am, however we ignored all of that and found ourselves waking up a 7am. This will prove to be a more intense day with a capture of 30+ tons and another 400+ day. Not a time to get a late start, but IIWII (it is what it is). The overall turnaround point for the trip is Tipton, PA which is just east of Horseshoe Curve a National Landmark. We were running behind schedule so HC will have to wait until another day. (Once again clickin on any photo will enlarge it)

The roads in PA are as good as they get. I am not looking for the most technical roads such as RT 78 in OH to ride, but I do enjoy the twists, sweepers, and rock n roll roads as much as the next person. Our route had us going up and over many of the mountain ridges (both the Appalachian and Allegheny Mountains) in this area adding to the excitement, encountering many switch backs. One has to wonder what the folks in these mountains do in the winter with the ice. One section of the mountain roads was lined with rhododendrons plants. I can imagine how spectacular this is during the spring blooming season.

As we head into Wilburton, PA I catch a road sign that say Centralia 4. Centralia is a town in PA that has been burning since the 60’s and has been condemned by the Commonwealth of PA. IIRC the last person living here was forced to leave in the last year. MeAsWe reminds me that we have a lot on our plate today and Centralia will be here when we return.

As we approached the mountains to the left I pointed and said to MeAsWe those things just don't look right here. In Iowa, they get lost in the middle of the corn fields and don't look as much out of place. Here I just don't know ?

Coal being what it is has to be taken from the ground and not all of it are mines. Give it a couple of years and this town will no longer be named Shamokin. It will be renamed to Smoked.

You thought I was just foolin on the name eh

We passed a couple of these guys today being in the heart of Amish country in PA. The boy on the back waved to us and had a twinkle in his eyes and maybe will dream about having a motorsickle one day. Of course he will have to forgo baptisim when he is 16 or 17.

We found ourselves up and down mountain sides ascending steep inclines just to crest the top of the mountain and descend to the other valley. Note the switchback that is going to turn the other direction.

The Shinkos (tires) were grabbing the road, even as the local highway departments threw this stuff at us. In some ways this was more effective than the speed limit signs.

We finished up the day in Shippensburg, a few towns short of our goal, but we decided to make up the time tomorrow.

Today we captured 32 Tons and Burgs to add to our treasury.

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Richard said...

I used to live in that area. Very pretty country down there. Quite an undertaking all the burgs and tons. Especially in PA. Have fun,