Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 3 - Three Ton Burg

Like yesterday, bright and early came at essentially the same time. This time we used both the motel alarm clock and the cell phone to wake us. We were up and about by 5am and on the road at 7:06. How do I remember the time, well I said dang 6 minutes late, but close enough. I love ridin early in the morning and ridin at 2am with a full moon out. It is so peaceful.

Today the roads will flattten out somewhat with gentle rolling hills as we roll toward New Jersey.

Some people may think we just hop from spot to spot, take a photo and then dash off to the next place. While the contests are fun, they also facilitate finding some greats places to visit. We rolled into Leighton around 11am. In addition to having the Ton and Burg, Call of the Wild waypoints loaded to the GPS, I also load places like Harley dealerships and National Landmarks. After taking the pictures of the Lehighton Post Office, I decide to head off for these 2 landmarks. They are only 4 or so miles away.

Jim Thorpe is a town rich in history centering around coal, trial for some the Molly Maquires and is known as the Switzerland of America. We grabbed phopps of St Mark's Episcopal Church and Harry Packers mansion. This is a neat little town to visit and one could easily spend an entire day here.

Back on the road we stopped back in Lehighton for some lunch. I don't know how this guy does it. Between the 2 of us, we had 4 dogs, 2 cans of soda and a bag of chips for $7.05. Oh I had 3 of those 4 with chili and cheese on em.

In the past 2 days I have always had a perception of approxmiately where we were in relation to home. In the Catskills, or half way across PA, etc etc. Today I did not have an anchoring and really no idea where we were. Not a bad thing, just a thing.

Most of the post offices have been spot on where I located them, but a few have simply not been where I thought they should be. In the Tons and Burgs hunt, you can either use the post office or the entering XXXX sign. In Johnsonburg, NJ I could not find the post office and did not remember seeing a sign for the town as we entered into the town. I pull over to do some look ups (just can't let this one go, since we blew right past one earlier in the day). I've got my list of Post Offices out, doing look ups in the GPS, when MeAsWe taps me on the shoulder and points

Somewhere along the way we came across this restaurant. Someone has a sense of humor

I am originally from New Joisey, however I have never been to the Statue of Liberty (not even on a school trip), but I have been thru the Lincoln Tunnel, the opening scene for the Sopranos. We are headed for Guttenburg, NJ Post Office, off track abit, the roads have become crowded with city traffic. We round the bend on JFK Boulevard and the New York City skyline is right there. This is another place I have never been to.

We have only 4 stops left before we high tail it home. Of special mention for those of you that are reading this, there is a small section of road in Cortlandt NY that is a great ride. Rt 129/118 to RT 100 Croton Lake Rd.

Croton Falls is the last grab of the day and we make our way to I84 to complete the days journey. Today we will have clocked just shy of 500 miles capturing 21 Tons and Burgs. As we head into Hartford CT, I ask MeAsWe if she is hungry so of course a Pastrami on Seed Rye is the fare of the evening. We end many of our trips at this place.

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Kate said...

You two are riding fools! I wonder when either of you actually work? :)
Good reading, of course I love the narrative with the kind of blog.