Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Let the Games Begin

It has been a tough winter, the coldest in a long time that is for sure. Even spring is struggling to get underway, however when ever day light savings time comes about and I leave work and it is light out, it is a reminder that riding season is right around the corner.

This season I have entered 3 grand tours. First one is called the Double Down Grant Tour, sponsored by the Glacial Lakes Motorcycle Club or GLMC for short. I have been doing their Grant Tour for the last 4 or so years. Last year I got to July and I hit a wall (not literally) in my desire to ride, so my finish was not so great. This year I will be chasing towns with double letters in it, like SuTTon. You get 1 point for each town, but if the town has a double set of points you get 2, and so on and so. An example of a double would be Little Egg Harbor in New Jersey. A triple, a hat trick would be >>

Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg

Actually that is more than a hat trick, more like Iambic Pentamaber, which might be not so unusual in language, but very rare for the Double Down Tour. Matter of fact I have not found any triple towns yet. Oh, LL like Someville has been excluded. I have found 224 towns in the states of MA, CT, NH, VT, ME, NY, PA and NJ. Once you have found a town in one state, that name can not be used again.

The next one is Team Strange, which has 4 of them to choose from. I have selected to spell out the following TEAM STRANGE AIRHEADS 30 and the Presidential Grand Tour. The spell one has 2 options; 1> Go to a town for each letter and get the Post Office or City Limit sign or 2> Go to the least amount of towns by using the letters in a combination that is the same as the beginning letters of a town. For instance you would cover TEA in Team with Teaneck, NJ. The Presidential one is go to towns, grab the post office or city limit sign for towns with the last name of our Presidents, such as Washington, NH. Washington Depot, CT doesn't work. You get extra points for finding a marker for towns where Presidents were born, thus Braintree is where John Adams was born and I am sure (actually I am positive) there is a marker indicating the John and John Quincy was born there.

So that is going to be the mantra for the season. Flags are in, tires have been ordered, new battery ordered, now all I gotta due is clear the ice and snow from the garage and I am set to go. Hmmm, maybe I will wait a bit and let Mother Nature get rid of the crap she put there in the first place.

DSC_8845 v1

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