Friday, March 28, 2014

Thornton Ave Barn

I was out a couple of weeks with the camera trying to capture the spectacular sun set we were having. I headed for Nipmuc Pond on RT 16 hoping to get some nice pics across the lake. On the way back, no really good pictures (even thou MN provided it) and turned onto to Thornton Ave and came across this barn. Stopped, snapped a bunch of brackets off. When I got home, the shots were miserable, out of focus and just plain uck.

Having remembered that day with the sunset, I went back again with tripod in hand this time. Actually I was trying out my new monopod that has been sitting in the back of the car.

This picture has gone thru many iterations fixing this, blending that, more of a teaching photo for me, than a really great shot. I really like the doors on this barn, and a few have commented, "I wonder what kind of car are behind those doors". A 50's Vet maybe, 60's Cobra or maybe a 70's Plymouth Superbird. One of these days I will stop and ask.

DSC_8188 89 90 Line Elim V2

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Runner said...

Interestingly, I really like the tree trunk reflected in the puddle on the lower right. It somehow adds to the photo and, with the sky, frames the image.