Monday, April 15, 2013

Turn Turn Turn Tip Tip Tip Over Over Over

I have been remiss staying up on  my blogging. The weather has turned from winter to a cold spring and I have not felt compelled to get out on the FJR. This year our planned travels are drastically cut back. For the last 5 years+ I have had a National Park Tour on the docket and a bunch of grand tours in the works. We probably have done our last NPT for the IBA and I have scaled back the Grand Tours to one right now. I have signed up for the GLMC Z to Atour, which is finding towns beginning in Z or ending in A.  In New England there is not an abundance of these towns so I don’t feel like I need to get out there right away and start pulling down these towns. Plus I am having fun with the MINI and the camera.  

I did get the oil changed in the FJR and ordered a new riding suit from Motorcycle Superstore. I got a one piece suit so I don’t have to keep pulling up my pants. Probably much more reliable in a get off as well. Speaking of getoffs, the day I finished changing the oil, I decided to take a ride over to Giff’s to make sure the bike was not leaking and to test my new riding suit. Giff’s is located in back of a very busy gas station that always has the cheapest gas prices in the surrounding area, so the people line the street to save .03 a gallon. Over a years time the average person probably saves about $30, but will blow hundreds of dollars on some frivolous thing like scratch tickets. Do the math 15,000 miles per year divided by 15 miles per gallon (and this is on the low side) = 1,000 gallons used times 3 cents per gallon = $30.00. I am just a guilty as blowing money on frivolous things, such as riding around on the motorcycle all over the country taking pictures and gathering little round stamps in a book. Believe me this cost more than a couple of hundred dollars per year. So I am not criticizing the blowing of the money, it just does not make sense to stand in line for gas at this kind of savings per year.

Any ways I digress, so at this busy station there are always the cars lined up. In addition to the maniacal people frothing over the 3 cents, the entrance makes a rising right hand turn off the street  to get to the back of the lot. I am executing this maneuver perfecting (in the nice weather this is almost a weekly visit on the FJR, so it is not unfamiliar territory to me) when the last car waiting to get to the pumps starts backing up. I hit the brake and the car stops, indicating to MEEEEEEEEEE that I could proceed. Off the break, abit more gas and the car starts backing up again. At this point I have the steering head cocked for the right turn, giving a slight bit of throttle to make it up the ramp and I am forced and instinctively hit the front break.  

Fast forward all of 2 seconds and I am standing next to my beautiful FJR lying on its side. The woman in her late 30’s maybe early 40’s gets out of her car and says are you all right. I simply say “What were you thinking”. Her reply was “I needed to straighten out a bit so I was properly aligned to save the 3 cents a gallon because we can’t get gas this cheap in New York.”  

Ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration on what she said, but she was from New York, the age was spot on and she did mention about straightening up her car. I then asked her again, because I was not really satisfied with the first answer, “What were you thinking?” To which she replied, “I did not see you”. Realizing this was probably the right answer and the most honest, I said to her, “ I am going over there to ask for help to lift the bike up and I will be back to get your information in case there is any damage.”. She immediately replied, “I didn’t hit you”. I gave her one of those looks with the tilted head and half closed eye look with a bit of sneer. You know the look

It took me all of 45 seconds to get some help and she was gone. Yup she felt the value of the 3 cents of savings exceeded the cost of what was going to happen next.  

Right after this the ambulance and police showed up. Someone had seen what happened and called them on our behalf.  

While this was not the first ride of the season, it certainly was almost the first ride. If this is this season's get off,

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Runner said...

Oh, darn!! I had a related gas station incident a few years ago when my FZ6 was nearly brand new. A woman started pulling away from the gas pump without even looking and nearly hit me. I was going very slow as I was appproaching the gas pump, and tried to swerve to avoid her but didn't have enough forward momentum and down I went. Someone called the police, he took statements from both of us. I tried to get insurance info from her but, as the policeman correctly stated, she didn't hit me, so I probably didn't have a legit claim. Hope your FJR is okay.