Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Very Neat Phone Call

Today I got a call from MINI / BMW asking me if I am enjoying my MINI and if I had any questions. This blew me away. They are taking the purchase of a simple commodity called a car and turning it into a memorable EXPERIENCE.

I did have a fiew questions, one was when did they start doing this and he said beginning of the year. I then asked a really dumb question, whether he was MINI or another company. Of course he said MINI, what else would he say.

I then asked him a technical question about the radio, which he did provide an answer. Not sure if it is the right answer, but it was an answer and satified me.

I usually don't succumb to such marketing ploys, but heck, I am getting older, maybe softer too. It sure made an impression on me and for now I am sold on MINIs.


Runner said...

I like that. My Mazda dealer does the same thing and yes, it's probably smart marketing to keep me in their "fold" so-to-speak, but does make me feel warm and fuzzy to get those calls. I also get gentle service reminders.

So I take it from your blog posts that you are really enjoying that Mini!!

Willie aka NomadWillie said...

You bet!! It will be fun driving the back roads to National Parks.