Thursday, March 28, 2013

You meet the nicest people in a Hot Dog Joint

And Honda thought they were the only ones with this secret.

I don’t know why it holds true, it just does. I was in Webster taking pics of the buildings by the railroad tracks. Stomach growling, right around 1pm and a Dunkin Donuts across the street from the Eddy Block, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Eddy Block

I started to cross the street when this woman tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to this sign

Now my friend Giff, has got me going on Dunkin Donuts Ham and Cheese and Turkey sandwiches on a French roll, but this is HOT DOGS. Who can pass up hot dogs, so in I go and order 2 chili dogs with cheese and onions. There was nothing special about the dog, but like diners, dog joints aren’t just about the food. There were 2 gentlemen and the woman cook. She quickly delivers the 2 dogs, I grab an orange soda.

We talked about where the Spaulding Block was. (it was right next door) We talked about concerts we had gone to in the past, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Rush. We talked about Coney Island and other amusement parks. We talked about the number of other hot dog joints, one gentlemen started rattling off about them.  I found out this place had been open just about a year. All of this and more, in less than ½ hour.

A tad colorful, ya thnk ?

They are located at 119 Main St, Webster, MA. When I tried to find these guys on the net I came across this  Get Your Red Hots Here

In these little joints you really do meet the nicest folks. Too bad MeAsWe missed out on this.

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Runner said...

How cool is that??!! What a great encounter and experience! When I went to the BMW rally in Shelbyville TN a few years back, we went to a little diner on the courthouse square and had a very similar experience. Sitting at the counter, we got to listen in and participate in conversations with the "regulars" and the waitress.