Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Best of Times, the Worst of Times,The Fix

Headed out about 12:15pm this afternoon to pick up a spot I forgot to grab yesterday. While I was en route I remembered one of the NER riders said something about a RTE (ride to eat) at the Vanilla Bean in Pomfret, CT. Being a nice day and having a sun roof in the MINI, endless great music on the Flash Drive, I searched the GPS, found the VB and said Take me There.

The Best of Times

Met 4 fellow riders at the VB. They rode their bikes, mine still is parked in the garage.

We told some stories, listened to some stories and then it was time to go. I headed for Webster on the back roads of CT.  Picked up some scenic spots along the way.


The Worst of Times

I saw it. There was blood oozing from my MINI. A wound, a stab, a slash. It was ruined.

Maybe my MINI had been unfaithful to me at the Bean, Lipstick on it's collar. A closer look.

My MINI had been raped. How could this had happened. I was pissed. One month old and it has been marred and I didn't even get to do it.

I went about my travels, traveled through Webster, picked up the spot I needed and headed for the showers. The MINI felt so dirty and violated it needed a shower.

Well the MINI felt clean but evidence of the violation was still present, just a bit cleaner.

The kid finished wiping down the MINI and I was about to leave, when this Chrysler 300 pulled up beside me. The guy in the car waved to me to put the window down. I complied and he said pull up over there and I will fix that for you. It will be a minute.

The Fix

And it was gone. The gentlemen was behind me in the car wash and saw the mark. He said I just couldn't see a brand new car leaving with that mark on the bumper. I can't say how happy I was. 

Better than the mark being gone (which is pretty damn good) is the customer service this guy offered. He did not have to do this, but just did because he did. It doesn't get much better than that. This was at the Imperial Car Wash in Mendon, MA. I had my Chevy detailed here just before I traded it in on the MINI (another dumb thing I did, having it detailed) and they did a superb job at a great price.

The World is back in balance. It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done ....

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Runner said...

Whew!! Heartbreak averted!