Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nosing around Narragansett

On Saturday we went to Crazy Burgers in Narragansett which I wrote about separately. Not to waste the trip and a chance to use the new Nikon, I loaded up the GPS with a bunch of National Register of Historical Places to visit. This is to get MeAsWe in shape chasing stuff on the FJR. That’s not physical shape, but getting used to the stopping, u-turns where u-turns shouldn't be done, the scanning the addresses for the right location and stuff like that. After lunch we grabbed some places.

The Towers - this is what is left of the Casino built in the mid 19th century. It was a resort for social elite before burning down in 1900.

Many of these locations are private property, which I try to respect, however I will peep thru the bushes and trees to snap off a picture. This is Druidsdream. Neat name eh

Headed back towards the Ocean. There are signs everywhere that the homes were huge and opulent. My guess this was the gatehouse to an ocean view mansion. Looks like you could drive right thru the place.

Dunmere is on Ocean Road. Neat gates and an unusual style for the area.

Headed for Point Judith Lighthouse. You can't get a really good photo of the lighthouse, I wish they would move that trailer.

The sun heading for the other side of the Earth. I think I heard "I will be back tomorrow".

Our final stop was at the Old Narragansett Cemetery. Here I experimented with various camera settings. The most surprising was the camera flash ability. It literally lit up the yard.

This was the tombstone for a 7 week old boy who died in 1775.

Snapping the pictures of these places is just the beginning. When I get home I post these up on under the NRHP category. Posting to WM requires a short and long description, requiring me to look up information and particularly the history on this category. It is a great way to spend the day outside, visit places you would ordinarily drive by and learn about the past.

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