Sunday, February 19, 2012

Going Crazy in Narragansett

After watching Triple D's, craving a hamburger and a new camera to test out, what better place to start the journey than Crazy Burger. So we head out right around 11am. As I walk outside I felt like we should be on the FJR, but MeAsWe is fighting something and really this is a day for the stomach and artistry.

We arrive at 144 Boon St and as luck would have it there was a parking spot directly across the street. I managed to parallel park like a pro. Good thing because there was a crowd outside. This is February and there is a line outside of this place?? Maybe they are outside because it is a really nice winter day. We have not totally forgotten how brutal Feb days can be in New England, so we as group, tend to take advantage of those really nice days.

Out of the car and into the restaurant and I quickly realize those people, who we would become, were outside because there was no room inside. To my surprise the wait is only going to be 30 minutes. Good thing because MeAsWe is starving and we skipped a few places to come here first.

So with nothing to do I started snapping some pictures.

Sky, my son, tells me this means this area belongs to a gang. In Narragansett ??, must be a pretty well to do gang considering the area.

People kept showing up here every minute, non-stop. MeAsWe decided to make good use of the time and look over the menu.

Across the street is the old Narragansett RR station. This guys was cooking some chicken and it really smelled good.

Our name was called right around the 30 mark. Having perused the menu ahead of time we completed our order straight away. MeAsWe decided on breakfast and ordered the chocolate chip pancakes with bananas. She also order some mocha mocha blocha capa-coffee thing which was brought quickly.

This place was bustling with activity. It was a killer to watch every ones food come out of the kitchen.

After a few false starts, which our waitress teased us with, our food finally arrived. I ordered the Whassupy Burger under the Mad-Max Burger category. With my meal I got one side and took the cole slaw. The Whassupy is ground up beef (what makes it a hamburger) with horseradish, garlic and Worcestershire sauce. On the side comes wasabi-chipotle mayonnaise. I skipped the ketchup.

So how was it, lets just say I understand why there was a crowd outside. I just can't imagine what this place is like in July and August. This just might make a good RTE location, but it gotta be off-season. A LINK to the Triple D's review

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