Monday, February 20, 2012

Hashing it out at Louis

I am gonna kill myself with this camera and the DVR and the ability to record shows. Today's menu being President's Day is Louis Family Restaurant at 286 Brook Street in Providence, RI. Of course we did run around Providence picking up NRHP's with the new D5100.

Like yesterday, there was a spot right in front of Louis, also requiring a parallel park. No crowds outside, but inside when we walked in, there was only one place for 2 people to sit and the rest were taken. This is always a good sign.

Is this a start, done or work in progress.

I vaguely remember a vision like this back in the 60's

We are right in the midst of Brown University and RISD.

Inside the place is covered with things to look at and read. Catch the "Guy was Here" in the middle left. Right below the clock.

The menu. Being a sucker for omelets and hash, how could I pass up the Drunk Johnny. For bread I selected their homemade sourdough.

MeAsWe asked our waitress about the pancakes, who rattled off something about strawberries, blueberries and bananas. MeAsWe said yes. The waitress said no no not all in the same, MeAsWe said but could I and she said why not.

Now was it worthwhile? Let's just say I am glad this place is only about 20 minutes away, this could be a very frequented place for us. My omelet is right up there with one of the best I ever had. All the ingredients came thru, the hash, the onions, the cheese and the eggs. MeAsWe was just as pleased with her meal. The cost, under $21, the value, priceless. Thank God I gotta go back to work tomorrow, I found a couple more places to go.

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