Friday, July 10, 2009

A Rebel is Re-Born

all 250cc's of it. I purchased a 1986 Honda Rebel for Sky and MeAsWe to learn to ride. MeAsWe completed the MSF safety course and her license is on the way. Sky has yet to take the MSF course.
This bike is 23 years old and it's life is a mystery to me, but not to the Rebel. Maggie, the last owner, purchased the bike to learn to ride, graduating to a Suzuki C50. Her friend Judy, indicated that Maggie purchased the Rebel from a Mass State Trooper.

What is amazing is the bike is in remarkable shape for its age. It has 17000 miles on it, so this was not a wall flower, but not a heavy traveler either. This could change.

The ride from Upton to N Uxbridge was hmmmm how to decribe, ahhhh cramped and small. I understand how this is a great learner bike. 5'2" can flat foot this bike and the weight is essentially a non-issue, when throwing it into a curve or coming to a stop. I swerved the bike left and right to see if anything was loose and finally got the bike up to around 55 per it's own speedo. I had to throttle down, I was way over the speed limit and I am sure Mr Leo would not have a sympathetic ear, if I was stopped. First stop was the Hess station at Plummer's Corner to fill the tank.

The next stop is Northbridge High School parking lot. MeAsWe took the bike around the loop once and pulled up to let Sky ride the bike. Sky jumps on as I say "take it easy on the bike, it is old". He pulls off and my first impression was hey he has done this before. No stalling the bike as he moves off the block. A nice easy take off, he has good clutch and throttle control. I am impressed. Couple loops around the parking lot and we call it quits for the day. It is getting dark, so we (that being 3 of us) decide pizza is in order.

Sky asks if he can ride the bike to Papa Gino's. Seeing that he appears to be comfortable on the bike and he does have to venture out in traffic sometime, I say sure.

Two new rider lives are born. Wish them godspeed, I sure do !

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