Sunday, July 19, 2009

MaineLining - Day 2 - Acadia, Fort Knox, Town X

Today was all about riding the Penobscot elevator to the top, get to Acadia grab a bunch of ink, get a pic of Town X, cross the 45th parallel, and bed down in Houlton for an easy ride to Plourdes the next day. 4 out 6 aren’t bad. After doing many multi day rides, I have learned to expect the unexpected and what works on paper doesn’t necessarily translate to reality. If it did I would be richer than Bill Gates.

I awoke at 5am to review the days ride. MeAsWe is peacefully sleeping, I decided to shower, get dressed and go out hunting. (read look for coffee). I remember the night before MeAsWe mentioned something about a DD right around us. Choke in, key on, push start and brrrrrrrrrrrrooommmm. The twin exhaust is throwing a stream of steam out the rear, bike is purring away. I throw my leg over the seat and off we go for the java. We are in the back of the motel and head out, seeing the left hand turn, I drop my left should, push my right hand and roll into the left turn. At the apex I begin an acceleration to exit the turn, the road opens wide and I twist the throttle abit more. Having performed a perfect entry and exit to the first turn of the day, I look to my right and hit the brakes. DD is right next door. I could have walked and probably should have, since I do need the exercise. Back at the pit, I gather up the coffee for the crew and buckle down for some puter time on the road.

It is a beautiful sunny day out and we are headed for Fort Knox and the tallest bridge-observatory in the world and one of three in the world. It will take a full 50 seconds to reach the top. We are warned that as we exit the elevator, we will be right against the glass. I am sure this is for us folks that have a touch of vertigo. While we are up here, one of the other observers points out a hawk flying over head. We take the required picture of the bike from above and head down to the ground.

Somehow we burned up 45 minutes in the tower, we are headed out and a sign says something on the order “don’t miss out on ½ the value of your ticket". Fort Knox is included in the entrance fee. Being a sucker for historical stuff we head over to the fort. As a bonus there are some guys standing around a cannon in period clothing and we come to find out they will be having a demonstration of the rifle cannon in the next few minutes.

With the demo over and the ringing still in my ears, we approach the entrance and low and behold Fort Knox is a National Landmark. I don’t know how I missed this at home, making the visit all that more on target.

It’s now 11:00am and we are behind schedule, but Acadia National Park is only a few miles up the road. If need be I can cut some time out of the ride around the park. First stop is Seal Cove Auto Museum for 1,000 points and then the park roads.

Acadia is sure a beautiful place. It is the first national park east of the Mississippi river: the lands were donated by various people such as the John D Rockefeller, who also built many of the roads in the park. I could dedicate a full blog entry on Acadia. For you New Englanders, this is one place you have to get to and you tourists making it to NE, don’t let this get past you.

Earlier in the day, I figured I could make up time by cutting our visit here short, but this was MeAsWe’s first visit and I found myself in awe of the beauty. At 5:00pm I figured we were only going to make it to Eastport.

Back on the road heading for the Town X and the Fisherman Statue. Town X is the only X town in New England for the ABCD June/July treasure bonus and is worth a whopping 26,000 points. The Fisherman is 4,000 points, not to shabby either.

EasyEd has compiled a great web site for motorcycling travel in NE, and the Milliken House is mentioned at the site. A call to Mary (the owner) finds us telling her we will be right over. The room is $70, which includes a great breakfast, which in my mind is worth at least $20, making the room a cheap $50. This is the first B&B I have stayed in and the experience was great. After we arrived, we got settled in and headed out for dinner at the Chowder House. We sat outside and watched the lights and activity in the harbor.

After the meal, we donned on our evening attire and headed back down into the parlor where the rest of the guests were sitting around just chawing about stuff. The center of attraction was a local lady that had a ton of life experiences and a bend toward politics. She asked me what I thought about Mitt and we began a political conversation about O’Bama and McCain. It stayed friendly, however we moved onto other non-controversial subjects. As the time passed by and approached 10pm MeAsWe and I said our good nights and retired for the evening.

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