Saturday, August 9, 2008

Zippidy Do Dah Zippity Eh

My oh my Ziplock bags make my day

Why do they box 17 zip bags into a box, why not an even number, or 15 of them. 17 just makes no sense. Is it really 15 and you are getting 2 free, is it because the competitor packs boxes them 15 to a box.

Now why am I using a big zip lock bag for all the stuff and put other stuff in ziplock bags in the big ziplock bag and then I put the big ziplock bag in a waterproof duffle, which is just another big plastic bag.

My knees don’t hurt this morning.

The secret too getting a TourMaster top half of the rain suit into a 1 gallon ziplock bag is to fold first to about the width of the bag and then roll the folded mass to slip into the bag.

I just put 18 fishoil pills in a bottle, why not 20, so maybe 17 makes sense.

I can't decide which ones of my designer T Shirts to take with me.. so many choices, so little space. Here's the ones that got selected, Garmin, Aero Diner, IB SS1000, Spotsvania NP, NER yellow.

I just packed the plastic box that goes in the top box. The second I pull something out of this box, the lid will not close again. Sigh

It looks like I won't be leaving at 6am, since it is 5:30 and I just spent 1/2 hour packing the little plastic box.

The last of Sky's bike pay-me-back fund is gone.

5:52am: The top box is packed and I am almost done with my 2nd cup of coffee.

I just called Sky to see if he needs a ride to work and he does. While I don't fear for my safety on the bike, this could be the last time I see him...boy thats a morbid thought on such a wonderful day.

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PatnWilton said...

May the weather gods be with you.