Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beep Beep

As I was coming into Detroit or maybe it was St Joe, Missouri, never the less I was passed by 2 separate times by 2 wheeled fellow brethren. In one instance it was a Yami FJR1300 with Two Brothers Racing exhaust pipes. What made this particular rider more noticeable was he was wearing a Harley Davidson windbreaker, which I thought was out of character for the bike he was riding. Yes I will admit I am stereotyping on this issue, however my prejudice holds up on both sides. I wouldn’t expect a HD rider to be wearing a Yamaha racing leather jacket and thus the HD windbreaker was of equal imbalance. I twisted the throttle a bit up on the Connie to ride with my fellow tourer. He and I stayed together for a few miles before he turned off into a rest area. I must have worn him out.

The first time I was passed, [yeah this is out of order, but it is my blog and there is a connection here someplace with it being out of order], I saw this blip in my mirror and realized it was gaining on me at a very very veryyyyyy rapid pace. As it got closer, I saw those distinctive headlights of a Gold Wing. It got closer and close and closer, finally it was right on my rear. Varooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmm past me [more like a swisshhhhh]. By god (not to use the name in vain so not capitalization) it was a scooter and the guy was wearing a green tee shirt. It was so fast that was all the data I gathered. Well not to be out done by a scoot, I throttled up jumping from 75 to 80 to 85 to 90 to 95. As I hit 95 I was still not making any headway on the scoot. It was becoming a distant blip like the one I saw from the rear. So far into this trip I have been lucky and not gotten a ticket and was damned if I was gonna get one trying to chase down a scooter, so I backed off. Actually I don’t think I would of caught him. My guess it was one of those Honda Silvewing.

As part of Chasin Stuff, I have begun collecting the double shot glasses (HD calls them Drambuie glasses) from each HD dealer I stop at. This began with Plourdes in Caribou, Maine. Well on the highway was sign for a HD dealer and INKin (National Park Stamps) was done for the day so off the highway. Low and behold there is the FJR sitting right next to the service door. [see I told you there was a connection] {well in my mind there is}. Out comes this fella and starts asking me questions about how I liked the Connie. He had owned one up to the time he got the FJR. It turns out he is the motorcycle instructor for the HD dealership. The windbreaker now has a connection. He then blurted out, “Did you see that scooter? I tried to catch him, but I just can’t afford another speeding ticket”. And that’s the rest of the story. Oh here's a song that is very apropos.

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iluvbmws said...

Very funny. I always dreamed of owning "a sleeper car" that could blow everything off the road. Instead I've had a few non-sleeper vehicles in my short life of 66years (62 vehicles in all)I like to call them O-WOW's in fact my license plate was O-WOW named after my 88 Allante painted with chromatic paint. Instead of beep beep people would say "O-WOW"