Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Morning of

my big trip has arrived. It's 3:30am, I am up, rested and definitely restless. The coffee is brewing over the campfire (the coffee is perking as it is plugged in), the cattle are rustling (the cars are beginning to drive up and down the street) and the sun has not gotten up yet. A quick check at tells me it is going to be a good start. I still need to pack clothes but all the electronic gadgets (phone chargers, SanDisk Micro chip, dual tail accessory extension, GPS wires) and important stuff are around the plastic box that they will go into, which gets neatly placed in the top box on the Connie is ready.

My itinerary has my departure from gate 3 at 7am, but as I sit here contemplating absolutely nothing, I just might leave at 6. I really can't leave earlier because my first INK stop has me arriving at 10:30. By quick calculation if the train A leaves the station 1 hour earlier traveling at whateva speed and Destination B is a stagnate location and Destination C which is thrown into the question being totally irrelevant to the total question confronting you, (those test question makers are an evil lot) I should arrive at Fort Stanwick at 9:30am. Any earlier they might not be open.

Yesterday (yeah I am jumping all over the sandbox, because I can) on the way home from work I stopped in at my local AT&T store to see if they had a device which would give me internet access while on the road. The sales person (it was a guy so I should of said salesman, but I am being PC right now) showed me a couple of PDA things. I looked at a Blackberry, Tilt and the infamous iPhone. Now being a PC guy, an accountant and has been IS guy, I always had an attitude (note when you say it that way you don't have to qualify "attitude" with positive or negative, because negative is implied in that context) about Apple's. Without a doubt the iPhone has the other beat hands down at my quick and thorough review of the products, so maybe this mean I might not vote Republican any more. I figured it might be a good thing to have on the trip for googlin stuff and accessing and other stuff. Now figure this out. If you get a Blackberry and want to IM someone, you have to have the data plan and the text plan, however if you use the iPhone and IM someone you only need the data plan. What's with that. Long story short, they didn't have any iPhones in stock, so I saved myself some money and the other just wouldn't do.

Here's a pic of my trip, by my calculations will use all 16 days of my vacation, cover 5,695 miles, stopping at 71 parks, capturing 130 INKS, using 135 gallons of gas, half way wearing out my new tires, and the smiles will be priceless.

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