Thursday, May 22, 2008

Two Strokin Smokin Smokies

Today is going to be a leisurely type day. We have only one scheduled stop in Robbinsville today at Junaluska Memorial, which I have already published a word or two on. (See Junaluska's Revenge. ) The day is bright and sunny. Steve and I are loading up the bikes, and I decide to start the bike up and warm it up a bit. Well I wrote about this, as well. (See Connie Envy ). So after the beginning of day tribulations, we are off to the fill up at the gas station about mile from Hogs Heaven. The fill up is done and I hang a right out of the parking lot and head for the Cherohala Skyway. I got the GPS and I see Steve heading off in the wrong direction. I see him slow down and pull into the parking lot across the street. I figured he figured out he was heading the wrong way. Then I see him get off his bike. A bit exasperated, I head over the parking lot as well. As I pull into the lot I see a Tellico Plains cop. Hmmm. Well Steve pulled into to see this thing. We ended up speaking to the guy for about ½ hour or so.

Finally back on track for the Skyway. North Carolina has some of the nicest roads for riding that I have ever been on, and the vistas you see from the saddle are unbelievable.

Click here to watch "Cherohala-Skyway-99"

Onto US 129 which takes us into Robbinsville at around 1pm. I have just gotten over my little ordeal with Junaluska and it was time for lunch. Across the street is Snider’s Store. Inside the store, it was like stepping back in time and if you find yourself at the Dragon, this is good place to visit while you are stretching your legs. Don’t forget to read the handwritten signs around the store.

Click here to watch "Snider-Dept-Store"

The road to the Dragon is every bit as good as the Dragon itself. Of course one most stop to see Harrison Ford leaping from the top of Fontana Dam. Fontana Dam is the highest dam east of the Rockies.

You can tell you are in motorcycle country when you see stuff like this.

Finally at the Dragon resort and low and behold there is a 2 stroke getaway 4 day weekend going on. There were some really nice classic bikes there. We ended talking to a bunch of the guys as they were repairing each other bikes. You know riders are really friendly type people.

Well it was time to ride the Dragon. There was a large group of rockets, so we let them go ahead of us. The last time I was here I just cruised down the road, not riding it fast but not slow either. This time I was on the Connie and this bike just ebbed and flowed from turn to turn. As I was riding along, I started to watch the other riders. Some of them were crossing the yellow, which irked me a bit. You really cannot look thru the turns on the Dragon and know exactly where the road goes approaching the apex. The line of vision is simply blocked. Then it dawned on me one of these yoko’s could be coming the other direction and plow right into you. Not a great feeling. About 8 miles into the Dragon is an overlook which everyone seems to stop at. We were no exception. I still can't figure out why there are balls on the electrical wires.

Click here to watch "Dragon-89"

From here we high tailed it thru Knoxville and called it a day in La Follette, TN

Miles traveled around 162 miles

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