Thursday, May 22, 2008

Junaluska's Revenge

In Robbinsville, NC lies Cherokee Chief Junaluska and his wife Nicie. Junaluska, befriended Andrew Jackson, saving his life at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend with the Creeks. The battle with the Creeks was one of the fiercest battles between the white man and the native Indians. Junaluska was instrumental in winning this battle with his Cherokee braves against the Creeks. Andrew Jackson was quoted as saying,

"As long as the sun shines and the grass grows, there shall be friendship between us, and the feet of the Cherokee shall be toward the east."

After the defeat of the British in New Orleans and Andrew Jackson became President, he ordered the Cherokee to be moved from the TN and GA area to the West. This became what is know as the Trail of Tears and not particularily a high point in our early American History.

Junaluska was purportedly quoted as saying,

"If I had known Jackson would drive us from our homes, I would have killed him that day at the Horseshoe."

Junaluska was driven to the West with his people. He escaped during the drive of the Cherokee and other Indian tribes to the west and returned to the area of Robbinsville, NC to die. The Trail of Tears commerates the hardships and suffering our native Indians have endured by our country.

So how does this fit into my trip. Well at the Junaluska site is a museum that has INK. I visited his grave, took some pictures and as I was coming down the very very steep driveway to the grave which turned into the museum, all of a sudden I found myself lying on the ground with all of stuff from my tank bank spewed all over the driveway.

It is my guess the Chief threw me off my bike as payback to what Andrew Jackson did to his family and the folks of the Cherokee tribe. He spared my bike and my body, just made sure my ego was bruised and shook up. Sure glad I was wearing my riding jacket at the time and the tip over bars have proven to be a worthy farkle.

Chief may you and your wife rest in peace and I apologize for Andrew's misguided decisions.
And on the Trail of Tears

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