Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fee Fie Fo Fum, I smell the Ink of a National Park Stamp.

The Iron Butt Assocation sponsors a National Park Tour. There are 3 levels they will provide a certificate for. The easiest level is covering 50 National Parks in 25 states within 1 year. The intent is to get you out on your bike and to see the beautiful National Parks this country has. There are sites dedicated to obtaining the stamps, 3 of which I frequent. One is in the Delphi forums names NPS Motorcycle Touring and the other is and of course , which is the National Park web site. This year, I needed some destinations to pursue and stumbled over the IBA National Park Tour ( more reading here ) . During the winter months I took this on like a vengeance planning, routing, way pointing as many National Parks, all generally east of a line from Arkansas to Minnesota. I planned 2 major trips, one which I have executed and one for July / August 2008. At first I was simply going for the INK, but on a few practice runs this winter (read I needed something to do), I actually watched the movies and viewed the exhibits that the local sites had. This has turned my pursuit to more than just gathering stamps (I call it INK) into learning something about this great country we live in.

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iluvbmws said...

Glad to see you are enjoying our country and its history. Are you Democrat like your Grandpa or Republican like your Dad.