Sunday, July 24, 2016

In The Bag

Today as we arrived in my home town of West Orange, NJ we grabbed final INK for the National Park Tour. This puts us at the count of 136 parks in 27 states. We began the tour on August 7, 2016 when we picked up the Spyder in Chicago, grabbing the I&N Canal National Heritage Corridor in Lyons, IL, We finished the tour at Thomas Edison National Historic Park in West Orange, NJ on July 24, 2016.

The Iron Butt Association National Park Tour Master Traveler requires a minimum of 50 parks in 25 states within 1 year.

I&N Canal and Chicago Portage National Historic Site in Lyons, IL

Thomas Edison National Historic Park in West Orange, NJ

The Paperwork to the IBA

As we were heading to West Orange I came up with another journey that will start next year in the July timeframe. This one is gonna take about 30 days on the road, maybe more

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