Saturday, May 21, 2016

Goin' Home

Rolling Stones, 1966

Sittin in Allentown talking to homie Lee Iacocca about our plans for the day. They are not complicated. Pick up the America on Wheels (how appropriate) and make tracks for home. Today is my daughter's surprise 30th birthday party, so it would be nice to make it there in time. We have only 291 miles to go, easy peasy.

The America on Wheels museum features over 75 bicycles, motorcycles, automobiles and trucks in exhibits telling the story of people and products on the move from the days of the carriage to the vehicles of tomorrow.

With the last spot of the trip done, we hit I-78 to I-287 in Joisey over the Tappanzee Bridge, picked up I-95 along the Connecticut Coast, veered onto I-91 thru Hartford, grabbed I-84 to I-90 (Mass Pike), got off RT146 to RT16 to RT122 and we are home, right around 4pm. There were places we could have grabbed, but I am saving them for another day. We have until at least September for these tours. One thing today's ride was the shortest mileage ride of the trip, but it seemed like it was 3 times longer than any other day. I don't know how many times we stopped just to rest. Must be the anticlimactic syndrome thingy.

Our trip took us just under 4,700 miles (4,683 miles to be exact), used 149 gallons of gasoline 9marking our mark on the environment)(and to think I attended the first Earth Day)spread over 22 states. We made a huge dent into the Americana Grand Tour for captured bonnii, good showing for the Team Strange Strange Election Tour and nailed my 5th Iron Butt Association National Park Tour. Two years ago I thought our touring days on a motorcycle were over and I would just putter around New England on the FJR until I couldn't ride anymore. The SPYDER has changed all of that and we are "On the Road Again"

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BilltheDiver said...

Thaks for sharing and for allowing us to live vicariously through your adventures!