Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Dancing in the Rain

Gene Kelley danced thru puddles, spun on a pole, even did some acrobatics with an umbrella. It's something like 5am in the morning have MapSource up, Hotels.com up and looking for the next place we are going to stay. Crystal is sound asleep and looks so peaceful. I have processed a couple of photos, posted them to Facebook. It is decision time.

I look out the window and all I see is rain, hard rain, rain that is slanted to the right, puddles getting bigger down in the parking lot, the Ohio River looks like it is choppy and one could surf on the waves (ok maybe I am now at the point of hyperbole). I turn to the computer, click on Harrah's icon, and book another night here. Any dancing in the rain, will be done on this side of the glass. Since I got no where the dancing talent of Gene Kelly, I am strutin around the room, rooster style ala Mick Jaggar, singing Gimme Shelter and Get Off My Cloud.

We are going to just have a "throw your feet up" day, take a nap, watch Law and Order (for the 40th time), have a couple of drinks, eat some food and do absolutely NOTHING. When I wake up Crystal a couple hours later and told what the plan was, that guy in the cape we saw yesterday has been knocked off his pedestal and I got kryptonite in my hand.

Tug Boat races on the Ohio River.

Miles for the day, less than 1 no map.

The last time we stayed here, you see the building in the water behind the section with the Harrah's lite up sign. Well that was the casino which got moved to the building to the left. I asked the security people at the entrance to the casino if they had changed the laws about the casino being on the river. They told me no the casino must be over water, but Harrah's installed big water bladders in the basement of the building and that complied with the law. REALLY ??? The restaurant is located on the barge, but I guess that will be moving eventually too.

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