Sunday, July 13, 2014

Raking in the Rest of Rhode Island

After a nice ride out to the Berkshires yesterday, it is time to knock off the rest of the Double Down towns in Rhode Island and some of those bordering MA towns as well.

First planned stop is North Attleboro, however on route to the police station I happened to see the sign for South Attleboro Marine. A quick U turn on US 1 and I head into the parking lot for a pic. WHOA WHOA full fisted brake grab. Across the entrance to the parking lot is a yellow wire to prevent intruders such as me from entering the lot. When I came to a stop and I mean a STOP (ABS working its glory) the wire was resting on my front fender less than 6 inches from the front forks. Any further I would have looked like a pumpkin loaded on a trebuchet. Second close call on the second day of the weekend on seventh month that just happens to be 2 times that month for the year, which begins with a 20. I am starting to feel jinxed about this whole Double Down, which is a 2 too.

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With that said I still grabbed a pick and had my fingers that my Karma mantra is not Third Time is a Charm. From North Attleboro headed to Attleboro and then Attleboro Falls to finish out the Quadfecta. The following week I called the owners of South Attleboro Marine to tell them of my experience and got a great response from them. They were all apologetic and said they would immediately put some flags on the wire to warn future drivers of the wire across the driveway.

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Did grab this really neat Hot Dog joint in Attleboro.

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I will dodge and jump between MA and RI for the next few miles picking up Seekonk and Barrington passing Evelyn's Drive In reviewed by Guy on Triple D.

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Heading into Little Compton, I remembered to mark the map with the RI NER tag, Sakonnet Yacht Club and then headed for the Little Compton Historical Society for some Double Down opps. I spend about 40 minutes with the guy at the Wilbor House built in 1690. This place was owned by the same family until 1920. Not a bad run.

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Middletown and Naragansett are my next 2 stops. Nothing special about these places other than I get to points for Narragansett as a double double.

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I was going to head for East Greenwich, but the traffic was horrendous on RT1 and opted for Shannock and Wood River Junction.

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Right by the Wood River Golf, matter of fact right there was this barn with the wavy roof.

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Pointing North picked up West Greenwich which was not planned, but got it never the less.

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Last scheduled stop for the day was the Greene Public Library, which put me wandering on some pretty nice roads I had not been of before.

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As I got closer to home stopped in Chepatchet to grab a quick photo for the RI tag, so I did not have to look thru some file photos when I got home. Much easier that way to get the tags posted.

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Told MeAsWe my story about the guide wire, to which she said "Maybe you should stop riding" to which I said "I don't think so"

Todays trip was just under 200 miles.

CLICK ME for the Non Cut Version with additional photos and outtakes.

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