Saturday, May 10, 2014

Meetin and Greetin with NERs

Early in May the NER folks call out to the New England area come meet your fellow riders and they come to have some hot dogs, kick tires, explain if that USB port is live without the ignition on, stretch their legs after a hard winter and just have some laughs. The day began with a bit of rain in the early morning that may have dampened the streets but not the spirits.

DSC_0644 ES
Master Chef Joe preparing the food.

DSC_0645 ES
The prep cooks getting things in order

DSC_0647_8_9TM WOJ ES
Steady hand on the dogs

DSC_0652 ES
Gold Wing Bob and Bonnie

DSC_0654 ES
GWB pointing out something

DSC_0651 ES

DSC_0662 ES
Magilla explaining the finer points of his new bike

DSC_0665 ES

DSC_0666 ES
Sandy and Bonnie enjoying not having to talk about bikes

DSC_0673 ES
Hot cha cha cha

DSC_0677 ES
Getting prepped for the days ride.

Some of the bikes that showed up today.

DSC_0680_1_2WOJ_Real ES

DSC_0683_4_5Balanced ES

DSC_0686_7_8WOJ_Real ES

DSC_0692_3_4Painterly ES
A ST1300 that has seen some rally action. Bugs were scraped off the NER Meet and Greet

Does this look like the Olympian Catalog Guy ??

Les's final adjustments to his riding gear

Lining up for the ride

DSC_0709 ES
Ladies and Gentlemen start your engines

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Wonderfully expressed with pictures!