Saturday, May 17, 2014

Butterflies are Free

I did my regular visit over at Giff’s garage kicking tires, watching him inspect bikes and then headed out early to go back home. Asked MeAsWe if she wanted to go see some butterflies, he favorite bug, which she said sure. We headed for South Deerfield, MA right around 12pm, and stopped at the Miss Worcester for breakunch.
MeAsWe had a burger and I had the spaghetti chili. All of the food here is really good, but the Crunchy French Toast and Spaghetti Chili are top notch.
DSC_1127_8_9WOJ_Real ES
Our Waitress

DSC_1130 ES
Kim the Cook

DSC_1143 ES

DSC_1140 ES

Getting lost in Worcester, because I didn’t pay attention to the GPS and the traffic, made it awhile before we got going on Rt 9 West. I figured we take the scenic way out. Looking at the arrival time on the GPS I started to think maybe the Mass Pike would have been better. I didn’t want to arrive just as the place was closing. To make things a bit tenser internally, MeAsWe talked about graduations and it dawned on me we would be going straight thru UMass Amherst. Internal intensity meter needle in the yellow heading for red. Lucky for us graduation was last weekend.

We arrived at Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory & Gardens right around 3:10pm, paid our fee and headed right in. Passed right by the terrariums, and headed right for the conservatory. We could look at this stuff on our way out.

DSC_1466_7_8WOJ_Real ES

Thru the door, into an air lock, and BANG the heat hits you. Not a humid heat, but not a desert heat either. The plants are the first thing seen and then stuff flying all around. A peaceful flight of bugs, as they glided thru the air. No inclination to start swatting at things, which I am sure the staff appreciates as well.

First are the plants, lots of colors, unusual shapes, but you know these are only here for the butterflies.

DSC_1325_6_7WOJ_Real ES

DSC_1379_80_81WOJ_Real ES

Then there are some birds.

DSC_1290 ES

The frogs, toads and lizards, I am sure are a favorite of the little boys.

DSC_1252 ES

DSC_1450 ES

DSC_1458 ES

Butterflies looking at the people.

DSC_1262 ES

DSC_1235 E

The butterflies are spectacular.

DSC_1364_5_6WOJ_Real ES

DSC_1310 ES

DSC_1174 ESC

DSC_1391_2_3WOJ_Real ES

I got to talking to one of the staff members about how this got started. I figured with UMass just down the street, it was an out-growth from a graduating student or a faculty member in the school of agriculture or science department. Nope, simply 3 guys with some money, seeing the traffic along US 5, the tourists, decided to open the place up. This actually shocked me. No lofty educational la-di-da’s, simply capitalism working and providing a great place to spend a couple of hours.

Then there was the announcement "We will be closing in 20 minutes". It seemed we just got here. Time flew by which means the place must pretty entertaining. I am sure we will come back again someday.

CLICK HERE for a slide show to see additional pics

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