Saturday, November 24, 2012

Taggin Along in Rhody

Haven't been out in awhile. Thought about changing the oil for the winter setup, but was too lazy to do that. All the tours have ended and I am really not one to ride around solo aimlessly, so today will be about getting tags. MA tag is up in Gloucester, CT tag is down around New London, neither is that far away but I am getting a late start and just feel like stretching the legs abit.

I lined up the 1,2,3 tag which is a progressive numbering one. The last number was 13 so 14 is up on deck. You have to find the number 14 someplace. The Rhode Island tag is the Providence Zen Center which is not in Providence. Theme tag is finding a BBQ Joint. This shouldn't be a problem since I have almost every BBQ place catalogued from Smoke Chasing. The last one is the Last letter is the first Letter tag. The letter T is in the spotlight.

Loaded up the GPS with some potential spots. Also bringing along my Etrex to capture my walking track. I found a piece of software, GeoSetter, which marks the GPS coordinates into the photo EXIF data by comparing the time data from the photo and and GPS tracks. This is actually a pretty neat piece of software. Best of all it is free. Once you have it in the EXIF data you when you view the data in something like IrfanView, you have the option of seeing it in Google Maps or see it via a GeoHack link which presents a ton of optional mapping locations.

Picked up the T for the Last Letter First Letter someplace in Pawtucket. Actually I know exactly where it is via the Geo Tracker (N41 52.380 W71 24.411)

Next shot was right down the street from the Toys for Tots. I figured I would get a 15 in case I got bruced on the 14 tag.

Next stop I never used in the tagging games, It was my intention to send folks here, but I used a different shot. Still was a nice spot for the day. I drover right up on the sidewalk for this shot.  There were a couple of bus drivers exchanging buses at this location. My guess it was a shift change or something, They never even blinked an eye.

These were taken Slater's Mill is a National Historic Landmark in Pawtucket, RI. The mill in the first picture is Wilkinson Mill built in 1810 next to Slater's Mill. Slater's Mill can be seen to the right, it is yellow with the cupola.

The church in the background is the Temple of Restoration. The dam is located on the Blackstone River. Right across the street from Slater's Mill you can get some INK (National Park Stamp) in the visitor center.

Right around the corner is McCoy Stadium, which is a go to Tag. McCoy is the minor league stadium for the Red Sox's. Life for the stadium began in 1938 and was completed in 1942. I have been to a few games here and it is a pleasure coming here versus Fenway. Fenway may have the nostalgia, history and the Pros's built you have to put up with the traffic, crowds, parking and expense. Box seats at McCoy are $12.

This is the tag photo at McCoy. The new theme tag is a Memorial to a person in Sports. The statue is of Ben Mondor the owner of the Pawtucker Red Sox.  

Making good time I headed for Boneyard Barbecue in Attleboro, MA. I have been here before but did not eat here. I would grab the Theme Tag picture and have some chili. Perfect day for Chili since the temps has not gotten above 48.

The food

My company during lunch

Up to this point I had not seen any 14's and was beginning to worry I would not come across one before I got home. I figured I could always get a house with a 14 on it, but that seemed a bit cheesy. Before reaching nirvana I grabbed this along the way just in case.

It must have been Karma, because not too far away was American Legion Post 14.
What I posted for the tag for fun. The 14 really showed up on this one thou.

My last stop was the Providence Zen Center in Cumberland, RI for the Rhode Island Tag. The Providence Zen Center is a Buddhist Monastery and Retreat Center.

Of course I had to post this with some interpretative stream of conscious and a reference back to the 60's.


It's about 3pm and I decide to call MeAsWe. No answer, so I called Sky, my son. I get him to log onto GLMC for their tag. I forgot to look this up before I left, It was a full size lighthouse. No problem for us New Englanders, however given the time of day, temps now in the low 40's I simply wasn't gonna chase one down. Looking at my notes, I was confused at what was the Theme Tag. Sky looked it up and said it was a town bordering another state. OSJ had bruced me on the BBQ joint. In Rhode Island heading for home this would not be a problem.
Crossed into Mass, do a Uey and grabbed the last photo of the day.
Not alot of miles, just under 64 miles, but it felt good to get out and chase some stuff

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