Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Chase was Documented or Startin School Ova

Today I was on my way out for lunch at Wendy's to have my usual chili and plain baked potato. Supposedly this is healthy and I am somewhat a creature of habit when it comes to food. My usual routine includes contemplating which magazine I am going to read (look at the pictures)as I spoon the chili onto the baked potato. It could be RoadRunner or MCN or Rider or one of the catalogs I recently received in the mail. It is a break from the constant cut and paste accounting world that I live in during the work week. Today I realized I have read all the rags in the back seat of my car. I had nothing to read. I even finished the most recent AARP rag that was sent to me (I hate to admit, but this had some interesting stuff).

Realizing this before I got to Wendy's, I headed for Borders to see what I could find. I decided it was time to combine some education with the National Park tours, National Landmarks and National Register of Historic Place chasing I have been doing.

I bought an American History book. Wow, I am not sure what this says about me or where this will eventually end up, but it is consistent with my posting of Landmarks at Waymark.com. While the Landmarks give me places to go and neat roads to get to these off the beaten path places, I also derive pleasure from posting these WM's and reading about where I have been. Here's the book that jumped off the shelves at me.

What did I learn today, well syphilis was not brought to Europe by the early adventurers such as Ponce or Chris. I didn't even know that, that might have been true. I can't wait for lunch tomorrow.

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