Saturday, July 12, 2008

Harley Davidson Blues

I have them since I don't have anymore to chase. Today (well really not writing this on Saturday)I visited the last of the 27 HD dealers for the Ride New England 2008 Tour in Essex Junction VT. A couple of my friends have completed this and the dealership was excited that they were the last ones to sign my card. Mine was anti-climatic in that sense, all they wanted to do is close. But heck after about 3,000 miles I am eligible to win a new HD come January.

The overall objective was to get stamps and signatures from 27 dealerships thru out New England. More can be found here CLICK THIS.

A slide show can be found here of my visits Click here to watch "Ride-New-England-Tour"

My tour card.

Where the dealers are located. Note the Caribou is the ball buster one.

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