Friday, July 4, 2008

Bootleggin Poetic History

Today I was an Ink Ho. What exactly does than mean? Well today I wanted to ride being the birthday of our great country. Read I had no place to go. My choices were I could go to work or I could go for a ride. It is closing in on 10:30am and the weather is not looking really grand out, there is rain water on the street and I am sitting here in front of the computer looking at MapSource. I figure there really aren’t any good roads to Quincy ever, so I might as well grab Adams National Historic Site today. Geez JFK and Olmstead are in Brookline, who would ever ride to Brookline unless they had a reason. Gas is 4+ dollars a gallon so I better throw them in the mix. Hey Longfellow is just a hop skip and jump away and look MinuteMan is kinda on the way home. So a plan has evolved. Not even gonna do a route, I will just as Garmin for the shortest route to each waypoint. So back on point. Ink Hoing is just going and grabbing the stamps.

I just like what this guy did, so I stopped and took a picture

Now in my past I participated in OSJ Treasure Hunt. Telescope domes where worth 700 points a piece. How could I not stop? 1400 points. Woo Hoo.

Adams is 2 stops and 2 stamps. One in downtown Quincy and the up the road a piece at the Old House. The Old House is pretty nice and has a great garden.

The slide show is 2:25 minutes
Click here to watch "Adams-National-Historic-Park"

Frederick Law Olmstead site was closed for restoration, however the gates were open and there was a car there, so of course I rode into the site. Ya know greasy mud is slippery. It was an almost Kodak moment. The person gave me a very brief explanation of Olmstead while he was looking for the stamp. Fred moved his business to Brookline in the late 1800’s. He was considered the father of American Landscape Architecture and Design. One of Fred’s works was Central Park.

Next stop was JFK’s boyhood home. Now I looked for the hidden passage ways and place to store the bootlegged liquor, but I just couldn’t find it. The kid behind the counter told me they never proved old Joe was involved in bootlegging. I told him they never have caught Whitey Bulger either.

So I hang a right at this driveway and I find myself in the back of Longfellow’s Historic Site and the VC is only 50 feet away. The place is crowded so I was in and out for the stamp.

Minute Man National Park has 3 stamp locations and each has their own stamp. Being the 4th of July, and being in MM Park, I felt this special connection as I INKED my books with step. Hey we still have Taxation without Representation. I wouldn’t exactly say Congress is representing the American public, but how can we complain, we keep sending them back to DC.

I have started collecting old railroad stations. Why you ask, because I can.

Not many miles but a lot neat places traveled to and seen.

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