Monday, June 9, 2008

The Kids are All Right

From time to time I will speak about my kids so it is right to introduce you to them. From left to right we have Danielle then Skyler and then Tavana.

Danielle was suppose to be Kyra Rene and she was on 5.28.1986, but on 5.27.1986 her name was changed to Danielle Marion. Her grandmother was also born on 5.28 and her name was Marion. Supposedly the lady at the Framingham Union convince the mom not to name her Kyra Rene. Since I thought Kyra was such a neat name, I convinced Dani (maybe it was more coercion) to name our Lhasa Kyra.

Skyler was suppose to be Zachary, but just before he was born his aunt and uncle was involved with a battle between Webb Lake and their plane. They survived the tumble so my ex and I felt it was befitting to name him Skyler John. Of course Sky was for the sky. He was born on 9.26.1991. John is for my father.

Tavana Mary was the first and born on 12.31.1982. Her name was essentially made up (or so we thought). At first it was Naritavana, which was way to complicated and even I didn't know how to spell it. So after a couple more derivations on the name it became Tavana. Mary was for her grandmother. Her Uncle Tom gave her the nickname T because he was never quite sure how to pronounce her name and she is still called T from time to time. Tavana was doing a report sometime around the age you would be in 5th or 6th grade. Well low and behold she comes across a name in a book Tavana ala Nui or something like that. The book was written in the early 1900's and the person in the book was polynesian. Go figa !

Aren't they a great looking ? And they are really good kids, most of the time

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