Saturday, June 21, 2008

Conservation and Art go Hand and Throttle

Saturday, June 21st around 7:30am I left N Uxbridge with 3 destinations in mind. First would be a visit to Granite City Harley Davidson as part of the HD’s ride New England program. ( ). I reached GC around 11:30 got my stamp. While I was waiting patiently for the person at the cash register to finish up with a bunch of Canadian customers I saw a rack of coffee mugs with Twin City HD on it. Now I have been to at least 24 dealers and generally find the merchandise way to expensive to buy. I turned over the cup and it was 10.95. When I got to the register, the girl rang in 3.00. Wow something at a HD dealer that was actually cheap. Oh how did I know they were Canadian, I didn’t understand a word they were saying and it sounded French to me, so I assumed they were not from the Middle East.

During the winter, I was pondering where I was going to go this season on the bike, especially since OSJ wasn’t going to have a treasure hunt. One of the things I came across was NH Historic and Roadside markers. Now I have a Garmin file with all of these markers as WP’s and when I see one I generally stop and take a picture. Long term objection is capture all 175 of them.

Next stop was the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP in Woodstock, VT. This site center around the mansion and home of 3 people with a common theme of Conservation through out their lives. Marsh (the original owner) wrote one of the first books on conservation called Man and Nature. It is my understanding that Billings purchased the farm and land from Marsh and put Marsh’s theories into practice by reforesting Mt Tom where the farm is located. Now Laurance Rockefeller came into possession of the farm and donated the land to the National Park Service in 1992. Laurance was also a conservationist, awarded the Congressional Gold Medal for his role he played in conservation. Of course I got some INK here.

Next stop was Saint Gaudens NHS in Cornish, NH. This place was Augustus Gaudens home and studio. Gus was a turn of the century sculptor, whose statues are located through out the US. He also was the designer of the 20 gold liberty coin, known as the Double Eagle. INKed here as well. This is one place everyone should visit and the roads to get here are pretty good as well. For about a 2:45 minute video click the link below.

During my travels I stopped at 5 diners, The Milford Diner in NH, Farmer’s Diner in Queechee, VT and Lindy’s in Keene NH, The 4 Aces in West Lebanon, NH. This is another passion of mine. I had a great burger at Lindy’s and ice tea all for a whopping 4.30. Unbelievable eh ?? and of course I had to add to my Diner Cup Collection with a purchase. I did stop at the Miss Bellow Falls Diner for a hamburger, but alas they were closed.

On the way home I passed thru Troy, NH and I was a wee bit on the fast side apparently. I was was given a reprieve from the officer who told me to watch my speed. Phew !!!. Actually the road went from 55 to 35 and I never saw the sign. He was sitting right on the change of speed and took that into consideration and I think my gray hair might have helped too. . Next I need to get a big AARP sticker for the bike. ( ) . He must have read my previous blog entry on Connie has Harley Envy, because as I was preparing to leave, he said "by the way nice bike".

One last stop before I made it home. The Mountain Laurel (at least that’s what I think it was) was in full bloom in Leominister State Park. I passed this one spot that contained a blizzard of white flakes across a pond that was so spectacular, I had to turn around and take a pic. Now this photo does not do justice to what I saw thru my eyes. Maybe the photographer is an amateur

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