Friday, March 18, 2016

First Primaries of the Season

The weather this past weekend being perfect for the beginnings of the riding season I headed to Providence to pick up a National Park Pass (Senior Edition) which is a bargain at $10. MeAsWe (Crystal) had a  park pass but we misplaced it some place last year. I am thinking we lost it at Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan. So what does the pass give ya?? Entrance to all the National Parks in the country. Those out west really benefit from the National Park pass, since most of them have an entrance fee.

So I hit Roger William National Memorial in Providence and bought the pass. Nope did not pick up a Cancellation Stamp, since MeAsWe was not with me. I am gonna have to see if she wants another 8X11 Certificate from the IBA or is the 2 she has enough.

Right around the corner from Roger Williams is the Rhode Island State Capitol building and a perfect time to pick up my first spot for TeamStrange. While I took a pic of the Capitol with a both a blue and red flag, I am sure Rhode Island will go Blue. Seeing that RI has gone Blue except 2 times since JFK, it is a pretty safe bet they will go Blue in November.

From here I just started to wander the streets of Providence, since I was in no rush. Hit a Dunkin Donuts for Waymarking No picture necessary and pretty boring to boot. I find myself in the Smith Hill area of Providence. Grabbed this photo because of the graffiti which is really nothing, but I liked the photo and Named it Sun Shine Drops. Technically a piss poor photograph, but I have seen worse in art gallaries, so I am going with it.

At the 3 way intersection of Orms, Candace and Smith St is the Candace Street Playground renamed to the Joseph P Hassett Sr Memorial Park. So what you say. There were a bunch of teenagers playing basketball with this little girl who is no taller than 3 feet running around in the midst of 6 foot+ guys tossing around the ball. While I was taking pictures I noticed a guy riding a bike who stopped to look at the Spyder. I ended up having a 20 minute or so conversation with him about the Spyder. What struck me was he looked like a Sherpa from Nepal. I should have asked him permission to take a picture of him. Dang. Anyway got a pic of the little girl playing baskerball.

From there I headed down Orms Street getting lost and ended up on Okie Street. Here I grabbed this pic because I thought the Art Deco building was kind of neat. Yeah I pushed the second one a bit to make an artistic statement. (Did I ever mention I flunked out of Art School at Ohio University).

Going around the block from here I headed up Promenade St and found myself confronted with this huge complex. All of the signs around it indicated it was an old locomotive factory. Well it turns out this place was in fact the American Locomotive Company up until around 1907 and they did in fact build train locomotives here. Also made here was the luxury car, Berliet. Alco consolidated its manufacturing and sold the property to the US Rubber Company in 1919. They manufactured rubber tires and were one of the first to adopt the newly found substance invented by Dupont called neoprene. The US Rubber Company renamed itself Uniroyal in 1967. Remember the name Tiger Paws ??

Right across the street was a mural of the Rapture. I will return here to grab this again for the GLMC Americana Tour.

Last stop of the day was on RT 146 for a Welcome to Massachusetts sign for TeamStrange.

Not alot of miles, but a good start for the season.

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