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The Plane The Plane

If you are in southwestern Ohio, Jailhouse Suites in Yellow Springs is a great choice for a place to stay. We booked this place on a whim, paid via the internet, gave them a 4 digit code to get into the place, received a text confirmation and email indicating that the passlock had been set to that code and provided us the WIFI access code. Somebody has to be involved because when we arrived the place was spotless and comfy.

Jailhouse Suites Room

Jailhouse Suites Yellow Springs OH

Sun rises, realized I left the electronic bag out in the car, no problem it is only a few feet from our door. Threw the door open, took in the spring air and warmth of the sun, remotely unlocked the car and headed out that door for the car. Bliss turned to agony. Thinking I was 18, back to life guarding and going everywhere bear footed, I hit the blue stone driveway and the numbing feet you get when you are older has its limitations. I was going too fast to stop on the first step and was at least 3 steps into this and committed. Only 1 more step to the car, but each of those 4 returning steps was like stepping on hot glass shrapnel. It hurt so much all I could do was laugh.

Grabbed a couple of pics in Yellow Springs. The town apparently has quite a few folks in the arts and also home to Antioch College. The town also has quite an extensive political history. It was one of the final stops on the Underground Railroad, came under scrutiny as a Communist sympathizers during the Red Scare, in 60's and early 70's a center for civil rights and anti-war movements in southwestern Ohio and one of the first communities to pass an ordinance prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Train Depot Yellow Springs OH

Morning breakfast with a coupon from Jailhouse Suites.

William Eatery Yellow Springs OH

Some place along the way. Seems the Midwest has a lot of these vintage gas stations.

Vintage Gulf Gas Station

Our major destination for the day is the US Air Force Museum in Dayton. On the way we stopped at the Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument. Charles Young was born into slavery, graduated from West Point, became the highest ranking black officer in the military and taught at Wilberforce University.

Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers

I have attempted to visit the US Air Force 3 times, once actually inside the building to find out it was closing in 15 minutes and 2 other times simply running out of time. One time we got blown off the bike by high winds and lost a day because of the inclement weather. That is not the case today.

US Air Force Museum Dayton OH

Three hangars, soon to be four, covering all periods of aircraft and the military. These hangars are big enough to have a B52 bomber suspended off the ground and make it look small. We spent the better of 4 hours here walking around. For those folks that study aircraft this place has to be the crown jewel of museums. I have a couple examples shown here. For an expanded view of the inside CLICK HERE.

US Air Force Museum Dayton OH

US Air Force Museum Dayton OH

Before we got out of Dayton, we visited Endora from Bewitched.

Agnes Moorhead Crypt

Stopped in Sidney to grab a picture of Louis Sullivan's Bank built in 1917. It still operates as a bank today. Most of the time it is not possible to go inside the buildings. The stain glass ceiling and windows are really kewl. Much more artful interior than the exterior. Louis in his heyday was the Father of the Skyscrapers and mentor to Frank Lloyd Wright.

People's Federal Savings and Loan Association

People's Federal Savings and Loan Association

People's Federal Savings and Loan Association

The Shelby County Court House right across the street. So is The Spot to Eat.

Shelby County Courthouse - Sidney, Ohio

Cooks Spot Restaurant Sidney OH

A little further north, just east of the Indiana border in Spencerville is Deep Cut Historical Park. This was part of the Miami and Erie Canal. Rather than using locks to get up and over the ridge, the workers dug a trench instead. In some places this was as deep as 52 feet. Nothing really to see here other than to read its history and it is a National Historic Landmark.

Deep Cut Park Miami and Erie Canal

Our destination town for the night is Fort Wayne to visit my niece and nephew. Since we are on a time table we have only time to stop at the Chief Richardville House. The Chief the main guy for the Miami tribe and the one that signed treaties with the US Government on behalf of the various tribes. Through various negotiations and treaties removed the Miami as a recognized nation. Hmmmm.

Richardville House

I found this sign quite interesting.

Richardville House

And what not to trim.

Richardville House

We hit Christie's and Tim's house right around 6. They were taking us back down to Fort Wayne proper to a Fort Wayne iconic food joint. Fort Wayne Famous Coney Island Weiner Stand opened in 1914. It has been in the same family since 1916. While they do serve hamburgers, the hot dog is king along with a 8oz. glass bottle of Coke. They serve 1500 to 2000 dogs a day, when it is slow. CIWS is a tradition during the Christmas season, much the same as the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade or Lighting the Tree at Rockefeller Center.

Going to a place like this is not just about the food, it about the experience, people, atmosphere and what you see beyond the grills, counters and glasses. FWFCIW (because I don't feel like spelling it out) has it all. It is a place you know when you are in the area you will go back to or tell people about this place instead of the history of Ft Wayne. If you live here, like Tim and Christie you immediately have to bring your guests here.

I asked about their mugs, which they presented two to chose from , and Tim said wrap em up. I have 2 cups to add to our collection.

Ft Wayne Famous Coney Island

Ft Wayne Famous Coney Island

D71_4793_4_5Balanced E

Ft Wayne Famous Coney Island

After dinner Tim was kind enough to drive me around to the sites we skipped on the way in.

Allen County Court House, a National Landmark. It is a Beaux-Arts architecture-style built between 1897 and 1902.

Allen County Courthouse

More interesting was the Art Deco Lincoln building. Built between 1929 and 1930, it was the tallest building of any kind in the state until 1962. Entrances to these Art Deco buildings are outstanding.

Lincoln National Bank and Trust

Lincoln National Bank and Trust

Cindy's a local diner that seats 12 folks at a time.

Cindy's Diner Fort Wayne

The never ending slices of bread coming out of the Sunbeam loaf. One of those dumb places I had to stop at.

Sunbeam Bread Sign Fort Wayne

Topping the night with the GE Electric Sign. Tim said I had to see this. It was worth the stop. Before we got here we were stopped by a Ford Escort that managed to get itself jammed on an upright pole, the kind that partitions a spot. Standing about 3 feet tall it was lodged under the front of the car. I am still trying to figure out how this person got the car on the pole in the first place. It was quite entertaining to watch him try to get the vehicle off and pieces of the front of the car fell of with each attempt. Finally one final try, he revved the engine,dropped into reverse and gave it the gas. At the same time some other car decides it is time to pass him. He got the car off the pole and miraculously did not hit the car.

D71_4814_5_6Balanced E

The route for the day.

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