Saturday, February 21, 2015

Eat Mor Chikin

On Saturdays I head over to Giffs Garage to hang out. When he closes we generally head out for lunch to talk bikes, politics, books and other such guy stuff. We have our regular spots to hit, such as the Valley Café, Mendon Diner or Miss Worcester. Lately we have been branching out and trying different places so we don't get to set in our ways, a factor at our age. We have tried The Willowbrook, China Pacific, which have become part of our repertoire of go to places.

Today we were heading to Sammy's in Northbridge. This place has gone thru multiple owner changes in the last several years. Traffic was a bear in Whitinsville (part of Northbridge), We turned left, taking the long way to the restaurant to avoid traffic. When we got to the intersection of Hill St and Sutton, Giff said, hey I know another place we could try. Of course, this is just to add confusion to the quest and complicate the matter with too many choices. Instead of making a right onto Sutton, we go straight and head for Rick's Hilltop Restaurant and Lounge. On the way we passed a diary farm that caught my eye. I said I really should take a picture of that, having my camera with me. Figured I could grab some snow shots. Like all of the streets in this neck of the woods, they have become narrow from multiple plowings and there is really no where to park other than in the middle of the road. I have been known to do this, but only when I am by myself or MeAsWe is with me.

We get to Rick's and the place looks closed. I don't even think the OPEN sign was on and there was only one truck parked in the lot and not really parked like they were in the place having lunch. So we headed to Larry's the original choice. Heading back we had to pass the diary farm again, so I looked for a pull off. Well the driveway entrance to the diary farm looked as good as any and it would be just a short walk to the spot for a good picture.

DSC_5363_4_5 EC 2

What this reminds me is a bunch of people standing at Dunkin Donuts having coffee and a donut before going to work. Maybe this is where the cows get their signs put on for Chick Fil A. have something to drink and eat, head out for a day of work.

A wider view


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