Saturday, April 12, 2014

Getting my Feet Wet - Double Down and Presidents

Heading out today to get my feet wet (not literally, I am not ready for anything but sunshine). Weather looking good.

2014 04 12 W

Broke out the 855 from mothballs last night and got the battery all charged up. This GPS just keeps ticking. (knock on wood)

DSC_9276 A

Got the flags in the tank bag to go.

DSC_9277 A

And spent some time on MapSource last night and knocked out a few towns to go to.

T 2014 04 12

Heading over to Giff's to pick up the bike. New front tire, idle adjusted to 1100 (or maybe 1050), rear brake (that linked to the front) bled, and front brake houses on a boat from Japan.

Not a big trip, but one to get used to riding again. It has been awhile. Of course the weather is suppose to be great tomorrow too.

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