Thursday, January 9, 2014

52 Town Pick Up - Last Day for the A Train

Woke up in Ithaca NY to rain. This would be the theme of the day. It rained so hard at one point that I pulled over to see if I could wait out those clouds. The convenience store I had pulled into had another 2 motorcycles doing the same thing as me. What caught my eye was one was a Harley Road King and the other was a Honda CBR. Not the usual mix of bikes one would expect. Once inside I say 2 riders soaked, one male one female. I wondered which one road what bike. They had one of those fancy gadgets they loosely call a phone and we were watching the band of storms, sometimes showing red in spots, headed our way. The were looking for a break to high tail it home which was not too far away.

First stop Ithaca College. Ithaca has produced some very famous broadcasters, tv and radio personalities. Among then is Rod Sterling of the Twilight Zone, Bob Iger (CEO of Walt Disney), and Jessica Savitch news anchor.

Ithaca College

Ithaca College

Varna, NY nothing really interesting about this town other than the name.

Varna NY

Etna NY

Etna Mills Apartments NY

Arrived in Genoa. At least there appeared to have some interesting places. I was thinking these just had to be historic and could be waymarked. I was wrong.

Genoa Hotel NY

This one had to be listed on the National Register. Nope !

Smiths IGA General Store

Smiths IGA General Store

After 2 days of chasing these towns and the rain I am pretty much in the mood to get there, get the town and head out. While I was at the convenience store in the rain I did call MeAsWe and told her I should be home pretty early and was thinking of giving up on the rest of the towns I had planned. When I did head back out, that competitive thing kicked in and I finished my mission get all of the towns.


I really like the name, Moravia, sounds Russian or something, plus I really like the colors in this one. John D Rockefeller, the oil guy, was born here.

Moravia Liquor

On to Bainbridge, well actually there were some towns in between but I am giving the condensed version. This was built in 1915 for the Delaware and Hudson RR.

Delaware & Hudson Depot - Bainbridge NY

Unadilla, what a name for a town. This diner was closed for business. Nothing really striking to write about the town. Name is still cool.

Unadilla Diner, Unadilla NY

In Oneonta I came across the octagonal home. Not your typical construction style, and Wiki has a category for these. I was sure this would be on the National Register of Historic Places. Nope, I was wrong.

Octagon House - Grand St - Oneonta NY

Octagon House - Grand St - Oneonta NY

Grabbed lunch at this place, which was bad. Interesting people at the counter. I watched this older guy scratch off 200.00 or more in lottery tickets. When I thought he was done, he would look up and the waitress would pull off another strip of tickets and scratching away that silver stuff for the million dollar winner. He did not hit while I was there.

Delhi Diner, Delhi NY

Last place of the day Gilboa, NY. The name of the town comes from Mount Gilboa in Israel. They also have the oldest known trees on earth found while digging in a quarry.

Gilboa NY

That completes the 52 Town Pick Up, actually there were 53 towns, but 53 Town Pick Up didn't sound right. As I rode thru the Catskills I kept seeing remnants of old roadside motels. Old rusted poles with sign pointing down a driveway of the name of a motel. I said to myself I am going to stop at the next one and take some pictures to see if I could create a mood with the Nikon. I never crossed another photo op. Dang.

Covered just shy of 400 miles today.

T 2013 07 23

Trip total for miles was 1,237.

TT 2013 07 21 to 23

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