Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day of the Dead

Today’s trip started out pretty modest in terms of miles and target locations. The initial plan was to run up to Candia, NH turn south and go to Nashua and head home. Just under 190 miles. I planned the route to head up interstates and turn off at Lowell, MA and backroad it from there. Route planned, still early in the morning, something like 6am, so I layered the route onto my National Register of Historic Places map. The route crossed some right over some places so I simply incorporated them into the route. After all I didn’t have to stop at them. Then I brought up my New Hampshire Historic Markers map and layered the route into this. Whoa a couple of markers that have evaded my past journeys. Simple click, line turns into an elastic band and drop them on the markers and they are incorporated. Copy this back to my original file, I ended up with a full day ahead of me. I kept the simple route, because MeAsWe might be going and would be excited by the short trip but not the getting on an off. I must have had 20 stops.

So in reviewing the stops I noticed I had 4 or 5 cemeteries on the National Register. Buildings are usually identifiable based on the waypoint locations, churches too, houses can be a problem especially if there are a lot in the same area. Cemeteries should be a snap.

Route is done, MeAsWe is up and we are having coffee. I sit and find myself falling asleep. Last words from me, wake me at nine. Nine came and went and finally got up at 9:30am. You going I ask, and MeAsWe declines. I am up, dressed, bike ready all by 9:45a, a quick kiss and I am off on another adventure.

To simply view the pics you can enjoy a slideshow, however you will miss all the witty commentary

Just passing the exit the traffic slows dramatically. Not quite stop and go, but more like a snail pace. I jump over in the breakdown lane and head for the next exit, I will take the side roads versus this.

First couple of stops is in Littleton, MA, for some places on the National Register. This would be the day of cemeteries, finding the first in Littleton.

Houghton Memorial Building - Littleton MA
Littleton Historical Society - Old Library

Reed--Wood Place - Littleton MA
Reed Wood Place

Old Burying Ground - Littleton MA
Old Burying Ground Littleton MA

DSC_5010_1_2TM ES

From Littleton, I didn’t dare get back on 495 and simply wandered along RT 110 until I got to the RT 4 in Chelmsford. It was here that I got diverted by the Massachusetts historic marker, stopping briefly for my collection.

3from_DSC_5034Set27 ES

I moseyed up RT 4, over the Merrimac River and headed along the river thru Lowell. There was a big crowd of rowing enthusiasts along Riverfront Park, with their 20 foot sculling boats. It was the Festival Regatta put on by the Merrimac River Rowing Association. I feel a little remiss I didn’t pull out the Point and Shoot camera and fire off a couple shots. Hanging a left on Bridge St I traveled thru Dracut. The name just sounds the opposite of what it is. Rolling hills of farms and country homes, some pretty big ones too.

I stopped for this picture, becasue of a failing building, beat up pick up truck and an old VW. How can you resist a stop like that.

3from_DSC_5040Set29 ESC

Next stop was in Derry, NH for the Adams Memorial Building. Saw this place and pulled over with the intentions of having a bite, but something stopped me, saying travel a bit further and find a hole in the wall to eat at.

3from_DSC_5061Set36 EES

3from_DSC_5043Set30 ES

Arrived at the Old Town Hall of Chester for a picture and this is where I found my hole in the wall. Snapped off a couple of pictures the church, post office, a NH Marker and parked the bike for some breakfast. A soon as I got in the place I was questioned about being hot with the gear I was wearing. For this season I acquired an Olympia mesh riding suit and immediately told the person it was mesh, adding I was probably cooler than them outside. Of course moving is what pushes the air threw them. I struggled getting my arm out of the suit and my lunch neighbor gave me a hand by pulling on the shoulder as I pulled my arm out. While I waited for breakfast we had conversations about cooking for dogs, people trying to commit suicide in an antique Mercedes and just other small talk.

Stevens Memorial Hall - Chester, NH
Chester Old Town Hall -Chester Historical Society - Stevens Memorial Hall

Chester Congregational Church - Chester, NH
Chester Congregational Church
Early American Clocks New Hampshire Marker
New Hampshire Marker

3from_DSC_5165Set04 ES
Olde Post Restaurant - Recommended

3from_DSC_5174Set05 ES
It was as good as it looks

Back outside all I need to do is turn the corner, pick up the Chester Cemetery and NH marker and head further north. The temps are rising, getting into the 90’s.

Chester Village Cemetery - Chester, NH
New Hampshire Marker

Chester Village Cemetery - Chester, NH
Cemetery 2 for the day

Grabbed this on the way to the next stop. Thought it would cool me off just looking at it.

3from_DSC_5192Set09 ESE

Candia is right around the corner from Chester, but when I was mapping out the route I saw the Raymond Boston and Maine Railroad depot wasn’t too far out of the way so I looped my route thru Raymond, NH. I love the old depots. I can see the steam engines pulling up and the ladies in the hoop dresses and parasols getting off and the conductors unload the baggage onto the rolling carts.

Raymond Boston and Maine Railroad Depot
Raymond Depot on the National Register
Raymond Boston and Maine Railroad Depot

Raymond Boston and Maine Railroad Depot
Use to hang in Town Hall
Candia, the main purpose for the ride, is just up the street. Before I get to my destination had a couple of NH Markers to pick up.

3from_DSC_5240Set25 ES
First Church Building in


New Hampshire Marker

3from_DSC_5249Set28 ES
Pawtuckaway CCC Camp

I have targeted the Candia Fire department as a stop, but I came across the Candia General Store. It looked a little run down but still living strong and a much more interesting picture for the Z to A Grand Tour.

3from_DSC_5264Set32 ES

I was smart enough to route myself around Manchester, NH taking NH 101and I-293, however jumped back on RT 3A just south Manchester to complete my journey to Nashua. In Litchfield picked up these 2 buildings for Waymarking.

3from_DSC_5282Set37 ES
Aaron Culter Memorial Library

3from_DSC_5294Set40 ES
First Presbyterian Church built in 1844
Coming down RT 3A I make my way to the Nashua Diner for the Z to A Grand Tour

3from_DSC_5303Set43 ES

I head straight into Nausha downtown. While this was not my intent, I found a familar site that I have meant to pick up for my National Register buildings, The Hunt Memorial Library. Traffic, end of day, and lack of parking were my reason for not stopping. This is not a shoot from the saddle. This building was designed by Cram and Associates, an internationally known architect.

3from_DSC_5315Set47 ES
Hunt Memorial Library built in 1903
While I am here and off the bike I take advantage to grab some other buildings. The First Congregational Church building is simply spectacular.  Built in 1893 and dedicated in 1894, the tower rises 118 feet and houses 15 bells.

3from_DSC_5336Set54 ESC
First Congregational Church
An alley in Nashua, just because it was there.

3from_DSC_5348Set57 ES

Time to head out of Nashua. On the way out I grabbed to oldest surviving house in Nashua, the Killicut - Way House. 

Killicut--Way House - Nashua, NH
Built around 1740 on the National Register
Crossed the state line at Nashua / Dunstable line.

3from_DSC_5366Set63 ES

 Stopped that the Dunstable Town Hall. It is on the National Register

Dunstable Town Hall - Dunstable, MA
Sarah R S Roby Memorial Building built 1907
The final stops of the day were 3 cemeteries combines with the 2 previous cemeteries hence the name of the post. All of these are on the National Register of Historic Places.

Wright Cemetery - Westford MA
Wright Cemetery
Russian Cemetery - Westford MA
Russian Cemetery
3from_DSC_5462Set94 ES
Westlawn Cemetery

3from_DSC_5477Set99TM V1 ES
One of the folks peeping out at me

The trip was complete, headed for the slabs to make it home. Just under 200 miles for the day, 2 towns for the A to Z Tour, bunch of historic places for waymarking, and some more New Hampshire markers that brings me closer to getting them all.

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Runner said...

Bizarre breakfast conversation, but some spectacular photos. My old stompin' grounds, especially in the Lowell area. Nice post!

Puppychow said...

Nice pictures! I like your themed rides! :)