Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Anquishing Anticipatory Arrivals

Having left Inskip yesterday, I acted as if I wasn’t excited. Actually I had the emotional “did I really do the right thing” kind of feeling. While I know how much in dollars this is going to cost, it is only a blue streak on a piece of paper, I don’t really know what the monthly payment is. I went in for a base Mini Cooper Coupe with some specific options and walked out with a Mini Cooper S Countryman 4WD that had the options preselected. That would be akin to going to Staples for some BIC pens and coming home with a new desk and chairs, even forgetting the pens because they were not longer important. I sure hope I can find a used pen hanging around the house.

So in my nonchalantance (I just coined a word) there must have been this anticipation, after all I did get up at 2:30am to write a blog entry about my experience. First thing I did when I got home was go find the Certificate of Ownership for the Chevy, right where I expected it to be. Fast forward to 7:30am. It had snowed out or should I say it misted snow, because all the trees in the back yard where bent over and covered in that frozen snow mist. Put the documentation in my jacket pockets; grab the Nikon to take pictures of the new MINI and head for the gas station, since I am running on empty. Kid comes up to the window and I say $10 please. Just knocked off another $50 from what I paid for the Countryman by not filling up, couple this with the need for new rear tires  on the Chevey at a $125 each, thats another $250 in savings. With this type of thinking I will have this car paid off in no time.

At work there is this edginess going on. I had even forgotten about the new Olympia riding suit that was due in today. (Well it is mesh, so it’s not like I am going to be wearing it anytime soon) At work I did some things that should have been checked out before I bought this vehicle, like reading on-line reviews of the car. For the most part these all had very favorable things to say about the Countryman. Recalculated the payment on the car (OMFW) since I am financing the whole thing. Write this down on a piece of paper to verify what Inskip come up with. Tick Tock Tick Tock, damn it’s only 9:30am and I am picking it up at 5pm. It is going to be a really LOOOOOOONG day.

Right around 3pm, I went into my boss’s office and asked if it would be OK to leave early so I could pick up my new car. He said sure and we talked about the MINI abit. One thing about this car is everyone seems to adore them, want to talk about them and ask questions about them. 4:30 rolls around and I am out the door, heading for West Warwick RI.

Most of the people I work with live in Rhode Island and know the traffic patterns in Providence. There is no reasonable way to get to West Warwick without driving thru Providence. Using I95 is really the only reasonable road as well. My Garmin 1490 seems to agree with the human assessment as well so we jump on I95, just a few miles from work. 32 or so miles and I will be there.

Remember that $10 of gas I put in this morning.

As I am driving thru Pawtucket  heading into Providence and I am wondering if I cut this a little too close. Wouldn't that be ironical if I ran out of gas before I got to West Warwick. Quick calculation, lets see 25 miles to work, thats 1 gallon, 32 miles from work to West Warwick, a little more than 1.25 gallons, $10.00 divided by 3.78 = 2.64 gallons. Conclusion this is going to be close.
Since I left work early to make sure I got to Inskip relatively on time, the traffic is flowing smoothly without snags. Hit Inskip right around 4:30pm and park the Malibu in it's final spot for me. Malibu you have been a wonderful car, but you are just an appliance, you start every morning, get me to where I want to go, no drama, no excitement, but it is time to go.

I head in to get me new car but I am here early, both Dan and Bill are tied up, so I have to wait. Out to the car to get the Nikon to snap off a few pics to memorialize this event.

Sure looks like Europe here, especially Germany.


And out front is BMW and right next door is Bentley. Sure would be nice to be in the Inskip family. Actually Inskip started out as a Bentley dealer in Manhattan and moved to Providence. It has since been bought out by Penske. What a collection of cars in one place.

There's Dan working with another victim  customer. Dan is a really great guy, no pressure and tons of patience.

This is a real catchy display. Lots of color just ekking of fun. Makes me think of a Harley dealership gone upscale fashion forward.

Dan, finally finishes up with his customer, comes over to me and says let me go get your MINI. I am sure he wanted me to put the camera down so I wasn't annoying the other customers at this point.

Oh I need to introduce to Bill, another great guy !!! Both of them will take great care of ya. Bill is the one that gave me the shirt off his back

The moment has arrived, well sort of, but I am going to be officially introduced to my new friend. I sure hope it plays well with the FJR.

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