Saturday, October 6, 2012

Soggy Stoggy

Today I headed out with my friend Bill Gifford for a ride. Nothing to chase, no flags, no particular place to go, just a ride. Matter of fact I let Bill lead the whole way. No route in the GPS, no waypoints. Bill asked if I really could do this ride. I said we shall see.

Having moved last weekend and somewhat anxious about the place we  just bought I needed to get out and ride. I was content not owning property any more. There is freedom not being responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of ones home. However our apartment was on the third floor and it was killing MeAsWe to climb those flights. She is still recovering or maybe it is permanent the damage our Clyde Park deer caused 2 years ago. So we moved. With property values suppressed quite a bit and interest rates at a record low, I think it made sense to buy a place. Back to riding.

Bill headed out into Connecticut. Weather was sunny, but crisp. I was grateful that I had worn a long sleeve shirt. The foliage has started to turn, but not really at the peak. Not alot of reds. The roads already have their fair share of pine needles on the them, with piles along the middle lines of the road for the two way traffic blowing them to the center of the road.  The smell of burning leaves was in the air. Autumn is definitely here.

About an hour into our trip, Bill stopped at Stoggy Hollow General Store. Having not eaten all day, this was perfect timing. We both had chili, but I got cheese on mine. Actually it was really pretty good. As we sat there munching talking about how perfect Fall is for ready the skies began to turn and the sun decided to take a nap. Having finished up we headed south.

At one intersection, Bill said I think there is a Starbucks right around here. We finally pulled into Starbucks in Mansfield. Grabbing a small coffee, just a plain ole coffee, we headed back out for talking more about riding.

Bill phone goes off it is is about the Wing he has up for sale. He shows me the text he received and immediately can tell this is hoax and one of those Craig List sham responses. He is convinced this will works it way into I will buy the bike sight unseen and will wire the money to you, however I need you to post a bond up to blah blah blah. We never waited until the Nigerian uncle came into play because the skies we turning a deeper gray. Then the sprinkles. I put the camera in a plastic bag and stuck in in the Givi.

We are about an hour+ out from home and the skies decided to open up and empty its bladder. It poured, and poured. The kind of rain that impairs your vision. Of course wearing mesh, the water has no resistance and it soaks us right to the skin. Not wearing gloves my hands begin to cramp up form the cold.

At one of the stop signs I pull up next to Bill and tell him I need to pull over to put gloves on. Right around Pomfret Center, right after the Vanilla Bean, Bill pulls off at an intersection. Already soaked I open up the saddle bags looking for my rain gear. At this point I am not looking for a water barrier, but looking for a layer to add some warmth. Bill heads into the woods to add to the deluge. At this point he might as well pee himself and warm himself up.

Gloves on and Frogg Togg jacket on, we head back out into the rain. I was pretty chilled and was amazed at how warm I was. The rest of the ride was a cautious one, rain and leaves do not make a great combination on the road.

From alot of peoples standards the second part of the day would be considered miserable. From where I sit it was a great day of riding, good food, a bunch of laughs, and a little wet.

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Runner said...

Stoggy just how cool is that for a name for what looks like a really neat place! I sure wish I had the roads you have and the scenery to go along with it. Not sure when I'll get back up your way...