Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fast Refund FastLane

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about my FastLane account being charged while my bike was in transit to Salt Lake City. It also happened on the way back. Looking at my statements I figured I spend about $60+ on tolls that were in error. The hard part was how I get my money back.

Called FastLane and they told me to write a letter detailing my problem and enclose proof that my FJR was in transit during those days. I asked how should I send it or if they had an email account I could send my documents. The woman told me I could mail it or send via fax.

I wrote a letter, gave them my account, enclosed the FastLane statements and proof that the bike was in-transit. I then faxed it with out any persons name on it. I pinned the letter to the wall where I work as a reminder to check to see if I needed a follow-up letter in the future. I figured I would be writing again.

Sitting at work, my cell phone rings. I generally get very few calls on my phone. For some reason I decided to answer and it was FastLane telling me they had reviewed my account and reversed all of the tolls that were charged to me while the bike was in transit. They said I would see a $39 refund to my credit card and the rest of the credits would reside in my FastLane account.

We always hear how inefficient state workers are or how lazy they are. I do NOT prescribe to this philosophy and that phone call proves why I don’t . Government workers work just like the rest of us; they are given some work responsibilities to execute on a day in and day out basis and for the most part strive to do a good job.

FastLane job well done and Thank You.

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Runner said...

One less "loose thread" to worry about. Good job FastLane. I knew there was a reason why, of all the states, I chose them to give my EZPass business to.