Friday, March 5, 2010

The Season is a Changing - A Look Back to a Colder Time

I turned 59 on March 5th, and on March 6th I went for my first ride in 2010. I asked MeAsWe if she minded opting out on this ride. The first ride of the season has always been one of getting re-acquainted with the bike, my skills, and of course there is always that slippery stuff on the street called sand. I had mapped out a route on the GPS to pick up some bonii for the 2010 Treasure Hunt being run by a new RB (Rally Bastard), Todd. What appeared to be simple has not turned out simple at all, but I will save that for another post. The route is a short one, under 200 miles.

Over the winter, I essentially forgot I owned 3 motorcycles. I have NOT seen any of them since last November, when they went into storage. This past winter I did not suffer any severe case of PMS (parked motorcycle syndrone), have half heartedly put together the documentation for my 2nd IBA National Park Tour and MeAsWe's first, kind of planned out a trip out west and essentially forgot about riding. Oh there were some flashbacks to riding, such going thru the pictures we took in 2010 to create our own 2010 Calendar. (see separate thread on this as well). Ordered the calendar and it actually came out pretty good. MeAsWe is using it for her calendar. Much better than sitting in the back seat of the car.

Winter seemed like it was going to go on forever, especially taking its toll on my knees. I guess the cold weather and arthritis is akin to Israel and the rest of the Middle East getting along in peaceful harmony.

Oh and all that weight I lost in 2008 founds it way back home. I really thought dropping it off someplace in Arkansas, would make it impossible for it to find its way. sigh. At least it did not bring relatives and friends along for the ride.

Even getting ready for the first ride, was a re-adjustment. Putting on the riding pants (phew they still fit), getting the GPS ready, writing on the index cards the Waypoints, getting the tank bag ready with the plastic bag carrying extra SD cards batteries, the GPS plug, gloves, figuring out what layers will be worn on top, finding the extra set of keys to the bike and carrying everything downstairs. Just as I exited the house, I realized I didnt bring the helmet. There is a set pattern for getting ready that needs to be relearned along with everything else.

This first day of riding is bigger than the Phil guy looking for his shadow, the premier of Avatar (and no we didn't see it) or Scott Brown getting elected as the anti anti fillibuster element. Who would have thought a Republican would take the Kennedy seat away.

Sometime in January, NE Harley had their annual drawing for the giveaway bike for completing the Ride New England Tour. This year it was at Kelly's in Billerica and I did not win the bike, neither did OSJ, Dave, Pops, or PhatPat. Of course I got the 2010 Ride New England card for me and MeAsWe. Mine got stamped and we shall have to return for MeAsWe's stamp. Sometime in February we jumped in the cage and headed for Monty's in Bridgewater, because we were bored and there is no compelling reason to ride the bike to Bridgewater. We did the same for Boston HD, while picking up T and Jeff from the airport. We caged it to Gengras in Hartford, combing our outing to see Jeff Dunham. Again is there absolutely NO reason to ride to Hartford. I even considered jumping in the car and heading for Caribou, ME to get the stamp at Plourdes. In the past this would have been totally blasphemous, just thinking about doing this is sacrilegious.

Do you see a theme developing here. Last year during the winter I planned our 6,000 mile wanderings thru the south and for me it would be something new with MeAsWe as passenger. There was some excitment for spring to come. This year I even said to MeAsWe, maybe I will just sell the bikes. I felt like there was no place to go. I have been to every state just west of the Mississippi. I have traveled thru the south 3 times. I have hit almost the all NP's in the east leaving only some scattered ones here and there. I have captured almost all the National Landmarks in New England. Traveled well over 100,000 miles since 2005, with most of the mile put on since I got the Connie. I even fell into 2nd place in the OSJ Treasure Hunt. Steve managed to take away the title. Maybe this bike thing has run its course and it is time to move on to something else.

On a bright spot I have managed to bring my PokerStars account from a measely .83 to over 26.00 playing 25 cent 45 person tournaments. However even that lately has become a struggle and I don't seem to be able to get in the money as easy as building it back to 25.00. Hey if it was 83.00 I would have 2500 in the bank right now.

So where is all this dribble going. I am in a funk, but there is a bright spot. In the last couple of weeks I have read a couple of ride reports that have inspired. Maybe it is getting to 59 realizing I have much less time to live than I already have. I been saying to MeAsWe about work, that one day they are going to say to me, Bill, you have to stop coming here, you retired 2 weeks ago and I just look at them with this blank stare. I have been trying to sell myself on doing the west trip and I think I have finally convinced myself that I will get to 70 years old and not want to look back and say I should have gone west.

With the stage set for this lion and lamb month, the sun is out, the temp has climbed into the 50's, when I wake the computer thermometer says 45, I checked the temp in Great Falls, Montana, thought about skipping work, said to myself I need to get the battery in the Connie and get it inspected. The FJR already has been inspected. I have called a freight company to ship the FJR to Salt Lake City come September. And maybe most significant about this funk and maybe it has run it course, I put a 3X5 index card in the map section of the tank bag for those 13 words for the month of March. Maybe this bike thing still has a way to go.

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Good start to 2010 season...enjoyed the read.