Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Russian Girls POTD

I maintain my pictures at Webshots. A couple months back my mailbox had a couple of entries about me having a guestbook entry on one of my photo. Opening the email the entry says People are talking about your photo, with the personal entry saying “You’re so cool” Nikita.

I kinda of turn my head to the right and partially close the left eye and say Huh. I click the photo that is embodied in the email , voilĂ , there’s Nikita. A young Russian girl from the Ukraine, back arched, dressed (well partially) in a black bra and panties, just waiting for me to contact her. WOW I am impressed. This girl took the time to look at my photos and wants to make contact with me. This is what she wrote

Well… let me tell about myself. I am Nikita from far far Russia. I like my country, but I am looking for my soul mate abroad. Do you think my dream will come true one day? Write me gmail_all@mail.ru

Meanwhile back at the email box, it's filling up with entries from Nikita. She is attaching messages about how cool I am to every photo. It dawned on me, like the guy on TV that enjoyed getting viruses and spam because he was lonely. AHHHHH its SPAM SPAM SPAM at Webshots. Geez these guys will attack anything, anyplace, anytime.

Then came Anya, Catia, and Sasha. My mailbox had all this CRAP in it. I finally figured out how to disable these lovely notes in Webshots. To think I pay for Webshots and this is what I get. You would think CNET who owns Webshots could figure out how to stop this stuff.

Fast forward to this week. I hadn’t heard from Nikita and her friends for months, but low and behold I had multiple eMails saying someone is looking at my photos again. The first one was congratulating me on something. The only way to disable this stuff is to click the photo, view the person, and disable them from your account. I was ready to click away, belieeevvvve me. (of course it won't hurt to view the person just once)

When I get to the photo, I notice there are multiple people commenting on this one photo. Odd, how did the bots choose the same photo and they happen to select one of my favorite recent shots, one I had submitted for the NER calendar.

Back to the eMail and I read the body of the email again. I read the next one, which is congratulating me on POTD, the next one has similar congratulatory language. Hmmmm

I finally figure out what is going on. Somehow my picture out of thousands upon thousands was selected for Photo of the Day and these people were just sending me notes thanking me for such a nice photo

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PatnWilton said...

What? You don't like pictures of sexy women loading up your inbox?

iluvbmws said...

which do you enjoy more..being blogged or flogged!